Industrial Strip Brush – Types, Features, and Advantages

Industrial Strip Brush

Industrial Strip Brush – Types, Features, and Advantages

Most of the time, when we think of brushes, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it is used for brushing or cleaning things or the floor.

Indeed, it is true, but the brush that we are going to discuss in this article is something different. A lot of manufacturers are there that provide various materials and construction brushes. And one of those brushes is an industrial strip brush.

What is a strip brush?

A strip brush is a rectangular slim brush having soft bristles. It comes in different sizes to suit various requirements.

A strip brush offers excellent performance at an economical and competitive cost. It is popularly used as gap sealing.

The bristles of an industrial strip brush are very dense, and this allows it to perform as a wiper on a smooth and soft surface.

These brushes work best when it comes to the application of the dry coating on the conveyor lines. Also, it has the potential to remove dry and loose debris. Also, it can mobilize moving items.

Types of Strip Brush:

There are several types of Industrial strip brushes. The uses, design of the strip brush, and filament material vary.

The synthetic strip brush has nylon filaments, polyester filaments, or polypropylene. The metal strip brush has steel, brass, or phosphor bronze filaments. And the natural strip brushes have horsehair and Tampico.

Strip brushes are extremely versatile and are available in every possible version. Based on your need, you can choose the shape, material, and profile of the strip.

The brush can be glided easily for easy support or assembly. The fibers are highly adaptable to unevenness and can move freely on floors or walls. Apart from several versions and standards, custom-made strip brushes are also available.

Features of a strip brush:

Strip brushes are extremely popular across several industries because of their features. The best features are stated below:

  • Strip brushes offer versatility when it comes to cleaning grooves, wiping, sealing, etc.
  • It comes with multiple holders, so installation of these brushes is very easy.
  • When it comes to filling gaps, it offers unparalleled quality
  • It comes with dense bristles suiting every type of surface.
  • The bristle, length, and size can be customized based on your needs.

Advantages of strip brushes:

The popular advantages of strip brushes are given below:

  • It helps to seal moving parts to reduce tear, wear, and friction.
  • It helps to close gaps between stationary parts.
  • It shields paint booths.
  • It helps to remove grime, dust, and residue from the items.
  • It helps to wash, deburr, or polish items.
  • It can roughen a surface if needed.
  • It helps to apply paint coats, adhesives, and more.


A lot of strip brushes are available. But every type works well in certain situations. Keep the design and properties in mind while choosing a strip brush.

Check all the options that are available to you at Ambika Enterprises, and make a wise decision. Whatever you do, make sure that you match your particular applications.

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