Industry Secret for Successful NFT Projects | Best Ways

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Industry Secret for Successful NFT Projects | Best Ways

The NFT industry at the moment is a lucrative line for those who know their way around it. But then, what makes a successful NFT project?

If you are planning to invest in NFT, this article would be very helpful. We would discuss deep industry secrets for successful NFT projects. Hundreds of new NFT projects are being launched every week.

Notwithstanding, that people are rushing into the NFT industry does not mean it is without any risks. There are hundreds of projects that have gone down to zero.

That is why everyone interested in NFTs should understand the secret to booming the industry. Before you go ahead to launch a project, consider these secrets.

If you implement these secrets then you are bound to be successful in your projects. This information is a guideline to help you soar safely in the industry and not join projects that will go back to zero.

5 Secrets to Successful NFT Projects Exposed

Here are the 5 secrets that will distinguish you for greatness in the NFT industry. Note that you would be needing good marketing on Twitter and some other social media platforms that permit NFTs.

If you choose to use Twitter, then you can buy NFT Twitter likes in the best way to promote your NFTs. Let us see the secrets to what makes a successful NFT project.

1. Understand Your Audience

Get this information clear. It will never be an easy task for you to compete in a market where there are hundreds of new projects launched every week.

This is why professional marketing is recommended for every project launched. However, the good news is that there are foolproof marketing strategies that have worked effectively and can help you grow above the competition.

The first step into your NFT project is for you to find your niche, i.e the right audience for your art. This is the starting point of a successful NFT project.

Know what would catch the interest of your audience before you design your NFTs. Having a good understanding of who will buy your art brings a good feeling.

It makes it easy for you to know where to take your collections to. But the internet is a wide place with millions of communities.

So knowing your audience is essential. Spamming your NFTs all over social media, you have to be strategic with your methods of promotions, digital marketing is the best way to catch your audience.

Digital marketing is easy, affordable, and can be controlled. Know the kind of content your audience is interested in, the type of influencers they follow, and other key factors about them.

2. Don’t Cease Hustling

Several individuals buy NFTs to make good money. This is why marketing is one of the tools an NFT creator should take very important.

Effective and professional marketing would bring your project to people who are ready to buy and invest in them.

You cannot be everywhere on social media marketing your projects. Here are a few hacks that you should take note of for effective marketing:

  • Consistency is key in social media marketing. The social media algorithm would work best for you when you post multiple times every day. It is feeding your audience with the kind of content they would love to see. The audience appreciates an active page. Posting regularly would make them stick to your page and share your content as often as possible.
  • Make your audience see your efforts. Consistent networking with influencers and other NFT creators would make your audience see that you are making efforts to promote your brand. If you are actively seen promoting your art, interested buyers will patronize your NFTs. Your efforts in marketing are a protection to their investment.
  • Remember that your audience prefers to connect with the person and not just a brand. Allow your audience to reach you without any form of difficulty. Narrate to your audience about you, make them understand why you are into the project, and make them gain trust and they will become loyal to your cause. Make your work process and marketing skills transparent.

3. Design Good Art

Your art quality is vital for NFT’s success. The art you design is the core of your project’s identity. No matter the idea of NFTs you have, make sure they look good.

Note that NFT artworks are quite different from those we see displayed in galleries. Several artists go wrong by trying to hand-draw their art.

Though scarcity is a part of art value, popularity is important. If you make a collection of about 25-30 NFTs, going viral with these is a probability.

Uniqueness is not essential in this case. The viral avatar NFT projects utilize a computer program to generate images.

This allows them to make use of a relatively small amount of elements to make many unique arts. Some of the avatar projects available come in sets of 10,000.

When enough people own it, then the project has a higher chance of going viral. That more people own it is already proof that they are valuable.

4. Think Community

Yes, this is your project but not all about you but the community. The best way to stand out in this competitive market is to think more about the community.

Do not think about the money you want to make out of it. Why should other users support you if your plan is just about the money?

Your NFT project cannot prosper without the support of the community backing it up. How can your project serve the community?

This is one big question you should ask yourself. What are the other things you can offer them to create value other than just making money?

Know what you have in common with your audience and you can take it up from there. What is your NFT all about?

Your community is your audience. Therefore, you should think about them most of the time and not about what you stand to gain from them. Think of the community first before the seller. This is what makes a successful NFT project.

5. Beware of Whales & Bots at the Launching Phase

Of course, the community is the strength of any NFT project. However, so many projects have crashed just at their launch.

Whales, bots, and gas wars are likely the major issues faced by new NFT projects. If your NFT is successful, many users would love to buy as many as possible.

But the truth is, this is not part of what makes a successful NFT project. A project that with several owners is like to thrive. Just one person with an NFT collection is not likely to make a sale.

On the other hand, someone with 10-200 collections may not want to hold all of them. If smaller owners have, then the prices for their collections are likely to soar.

But there would be a risk of dumping if whales own a large part of the NFTs. Do not allow whales to purchase too much of your NFTs.

Though bulk offers are attractive. Notwithstanding, it is better to sell at a lesser price than risk a price drop.

Try as much as possible to counter bots because many whales make use of bots to make a bulk purchases. Make use of anti-bots to counter bots’ purchases.


In conclusion, these tips mentioned above are secrets to what makes a successful NFT project. Also, note that gas wars can erupt when too many traders are trying to process a transaction in just a little time.

This happens mostly on Ethereum. There are solutions to resolve gas wars, such as early rewards, mint passes, and stealth drops.

With these solutions, you can get NFTs on Ethereum. These methods also give incentives to users who engage with projects early and share them before the drop.

Finally, you certainly have gained a lot and are ready to start your NFT project. These are secrets to what makes a successful NFT project. Implement them and get your project to go viral.

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