Infopercept launches a solution to address gaps in Cybersecurity Leadership

Infopercept launches a solution for Cybersecurity

The solution combines Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) with an intuitive platform

New Delhi: Global Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Infopercept Consulting has launched a solution called Invinsense G-SOS (Green- Secure, Optimize and Strengthen).

The solution, which is a combination of Virtual CISOs services and a complementing platform, will help organizations that don’t have leadership in cybersecurity to design strategies, culture and preparedness to combat cyberattacks and minimize the damage to business.

It will also help to lessen the burden of cybersecurity teams in the organizations that have such cybersecurity leadership roles.

The intuitive platform, which comes with Invinsense G-SOS package, integrates all compliance-related best practices with business processes.

The platform has modules like vision and mission, enterprise risk, policy and procedure, culture user awareness, attack simulation table top and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards, progress and plans on Cyber.

The virtual CISOs service that comes with Invinsense G-SOS package gives organizations an access to a pool of seasoned cybersecurity leaders from various industries.

These virtual CISOs help organizations to develop cybersecurity leadership required to adhere to compliance and cybersecurity best practices.

“Cybersecurity is like a constant war with adversaries to protect valuable assets from being targeted. This war is won by cybercriminals more at strategic level than at execution level.

With G-SOS, we are trying to bridge that gap for the organizations that don’t have leadership roles in cybersecurity to formulate strategies and culture required to combat cyberattacks.

Our offerings allow organizations to access services of virtual CISO, and G-SOS, which is an integrated platform that effectively exhibits a Governance, Risk and Compliance Framework that addresses cybersecurity risks at the organization level and helps the boards make the right decisions.

The twin offerings are set to revolutionize the way cybersecurity requirements are addressed across organizations,” said Jaydeep Ruparelia, Co-founder and CEO, Infopercept Consulting.

“The platform and virtual CIOs will give the required direction to organizations and help them develop a cybersecurity strategy to tackle sophisticated cyberattacks.

It will also help develop a culture that makes everybody a part of cybersecurity and the simulation module in the platform helps to prepare everyone for cyberattacks.

Another advantage of the approach is that organizations can build the teams they need to meet their cybersecurity requirements under the virtual CISO.”

“What we are also seeing is a large skill gap. There is an acute shortage of skilled CISOs, who are up to date with the latest trends in cybersecurity and have the capabilities to ward off any potential adversaries.

Our offerings help organizations and boards solve this problem in an efficient and cost-effective way,” said Preethkaran J, Director of New Initiatives and Strategy at Infopercept Consulting.

Infopercept was in September 2020 ranked among the 250 top MSSP companies in the world by MSSP Alert, a leading portal that covers MSSPs and cyber security.

About Infopercept Consulting

Infopercept Consulting is a Global Managed Security Service Provider and Enterprise Cybersecurity Solutions Provider.

Founded in 2014, Infopercept has a strong international presence in the United States, UK, India, Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Oman.

Infopercept adopts tailored strategies to fight digital adversaries and to protect clients’ digital assets. Infopercept believes that having the right tools is important but being armed with a proper strategy to use the tools is even more important.

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It provides various security solutions such as SOC (Security Optimization Centre), COC (Compliance Optimization Centre), TOC (Technology Optimization Centre) and AOC (Automation Onboarding Centre) depending on client requirements.