Infosys Alert Their Employees: No ‘two Times’, No Double Life


Infosys Alert Their Employees: No ‘two Times’, No Double Life

IT industry cracks down on undeclared jobs. Just weeks after Wi Pro chairman Rishad Premji called undeclared work.

Updated on 16 Sep, 2022: Bengaluru: IT industry cracks down on undeclared jobs. Just weeks after Wipro chairman Rishad Premji called undeclared work “plain and simple fraud,” Infosys sent out a stern email to its employees.

In it, Infosys said undeclared work is not permitted under its employee code of conduct, and violations would lead to disciplinary action, including termination.

With the slogans “No two-timing, no moonlighting” and “No double life,” Infosys says employees are not allowed to do other work during or after business hours.

TOI has verified copies of internal communications. Undeclared work became an issue during the pandemic when employees started working from home.

There were suspicions that employees were using the privacy afforded by remote work to complete other employees’ projects at the same time.

Given the severe shortage of tech talent, the opportunities for such jobs have increased significantly. A recent statement from India’s largest IT Company suggests that the problem is growing at a considerable rate.

“Double employment is not permitted at Infosys under the Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct. As a director/partner/member/employee of an organization/entity, you agree not to accept full-time or part-time employment.

Consent may be given subject to terms we deem appropriate and you may withdraw at any time at your discretion.

Emails sent to Infosys did not receive a response; however, TOI confirmed in a recent conversation with Krish Shankar, EVP and Head of Group HR at Infosys that the claim was made.

When asked about unworked jobs, side jobs, and gig staff, he didn’t speak directly on the issue, instead saying the company encourages employees to do in-house work.

Gig, if so If so, time and attention to it beyond their normal job. “We created a platform called Accelerate.

When it was first conceived a few years ago, it was meant to keep people on the bench busy. For years we’ve rewarded people to do in-house gigs,” he said.

The reaction of IT services firms to undeclared work contrasts with how some Indian New Age firms treat undeclared work.

Swiggy recently announced that employees could take other jobs as long as it didn’t affect their productivity at the food delivery company, but this was during off hours. Fintech unicorn Cred also previously said it encourages employees to work on other projects.

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