InsideAIML and College Of Engineering Pune, hosted a webinar on “How Machine Learning and Data Science Solves Complex Problems?”


InsideAIML and College Of Engineering Pune with Impressions team hosted a successful LIVE webinar.

The Webinar topic was “How Machine Learning and Data Science Solves Complex Problems?”.

There were more than 1000 participants in this webinar from all across the different engineering colleges.

During the interactive webinar, the host focused on topics related to artificial intelligence and demonstrated how AI solves complex problems with live examples.

As InsideAIML is now a technology partner with the College Of Engineering Pune through the ‘Impressions 2020’ event.

Mr. Mahesh P. who is a Senior Data Scientist and worked with Microsoft, TechMahindra & AT&T had conducted this webinar with detailed discussion on various topics under Artificial Intelligence.

“Nowadays many Professionals and Beginners wish for a career in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

InsideAIML course provides a great opportunity for all such people,” said Mr. Mahesh Pardeshi, Director, InsideAIML.

This initiative came in the wake of the economical crisis and current coronavirus pandemic which underscores the significance of technical skills and upgradation to tackle the global slowdown.

About InsideAIML:
InsideAIML is a dedicated platform for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science and has a variety of online self-paced as well as LIVE courses on AI on the official website InsideAIML.Com.

As an AI education company, the courses provided in the areas of data science and machine learning are tailored to suit students, first-time job seekers, and working professionals and empower them to reach their peak potential.

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