Inspiring journey of Rashmi Trivedi: From a working mom to a distinguished author and speaker

Rashmi Trivedi

Inspiring journey of Rashmi Trivedi: From a working mom to a distinguished author and speaker

It is our endeavour at Sugermint to bring before you the stories of people who have done exemplary work in their fields and are an inspiration to others.

We highlight the achievements of such people who have risen above the trials and tribulations of life to be triumphant at the end.

We feel that their stories should be told and that you should get to meet the real person behind the face. So today we bring before you the story of Rashmi Trivedi.

Rashmi Trivedi is an author and a poet, working as a Deputy General Manager in a leading PSU. She entered the literary world in 2016 with her first book, ‘Woman, everything will be fine’, which became a bestseller in its genre.

Her poetry collection ‘Handful of sunshine, pocketful of rain” was published in 2017, followed by ‘From ashes to dreams’ which was published in 2018.

This book rose to the number two position in Amazon best sellers’ chart.  Her next bestseller was “2047: The unifier” which was launched in January 2020.

This book created waves because of its unique futuristic story about the union of India and Pakistan. Her fifth book, “The Lockdown” was written and published in Kindle in 2020 during the lockdown.

In 2022, another poetry collection called ‘My dying conscience” was published. This collection was named after her viral poem which brought a lot of fame to Rashmi.

Her latest book, ‘She for Her’was launched in the World Book Fair 2023 and is garnering a lot of love and support from the readers, especially women.

“She for her” is a women centric book which was written with the aim to change the narrative that a woman is a woman’s worst enemy.

Talking about the thought that inspired her to write this book, Rashmi said, “A forceful positive narrative is required to negate the age old regressive narrative about women.

These narratives were introduced by the patriarchal society with an aim to keep women busy competing with and fighting each other so that they do not question the injustice meted out to them.

For women to grow and be empowered it is imperative that such wrong narratives should be thrown out of their psyche.

My book is a small attempt to do this. It talks about women supporting each other, lifting each other up and being for each other.”

We bring the detailed interview and also a brief about all the books penned by her.

Woman everything will be fine

Published in 2016

A true story of a working woman who like any other working woman is an expert juggler, juggling between different roles with élan.

One fine day, the safe haven she had built for herself is threatened. She has been transferred to another city and because of various constraints she either has to go alone to the new city or quit her job.

This is the story of her coming to terms with the change, accepting the challenge, going to the new city alone and doing her best in her job but at the same time managing her family with a remote control and frequent visits.

In all this process, she has learnt many of life’s lessons. She has grown and evolved. She has realized that there is a world outside her own family.

She has found herself. She is like a kite soaring high in the sky but with the string still tied to her family. That is so because there is no other way that she wants it to be.

This book will give readers an insight into her psyche, her struggles, her trauma and her guilt. It will make you smile at her small victories and will break your heart when she is down. The book would also make you want to hug her and tell her, “Woman, everything will be fine”.

Handful of sunshine, pocketful of Rain

Published in 2017

It is a collection of her poems which captures various colours of life.

You will surely find yourself in more than one of her poems. You might feel that it was written for you, about you and that it echoes your feelings. Trust me, it was!

Go grab a cup of coffee, tuck your feet under you in your rocking chair and go on a life’s journey with her. You will find yourself sometimes smiling, sometimes pensive. You will sometimes laugh out loud, sometimes you will be left misty eyed.

This collection of her poems is like a bouquet of flowers, each flower more beautiful than the other, each flower unique, each flower has a fragrance that seeps into your soul.”


Published in 2018

From Ashes to dreams” is an inspiring story of Naina, an orphan who did not have did not have much to look forward to in life, until she fell in love.

Love gave her wings and she started to fly, only to come crashing down as the wind beneath her wings turned into a storm.

She tries putting an end to her now wretched existence, but fate has some other plans for her. She comes to know that she has limited time to live and decides to start living everyday instead of merely surviving.

She lives every moment without worrying about the future she does not have or the past that could not be undone.

She falls in love once again, this time with life! A poignant story of love, life, hope, despair and all the emotions that make us human.

This is a non –preachy, inspirational, fun read which will tell you what you need to be happy and how to add more “life” to your life!

2047: The Unifier

Published in 2020

This book is a political /romantic thriller. Based in the future, the story unfolds in 2047, when a century has passed since not only independence but also partition.

The protagonist finds himself in a predicament when to win the Pakistani girl he loves, he has to make the impossible possible. Unite India and Pakistan!

This book explores the sensitive topic of India and Pakistan relations, without being judgmental or political.

This book does not speak the language of any political party and all the incidents mentioned in the book are just a figment of author’s imagination. It has a nail biting finish and would leave you wondering…is it possible?

Rashmi Trivedi books

The Lockdown

Published in 2020

This is a story of six people whose lives changed completely because of the lockdown.

A doctor who is dying, a couple with a broken marriage, a socialite who believes that money can buy anything, a man who has just broken up with his fiancé, a labourer whose greatest worry is how to fill the empty bellies of his family and a youngster who has to choose between his career and the call of duty as a son. All these people’s lives were greatly impacted by the LOCKDOWN and they will never be the same.

The characters are fictional but the stories are from amongst us. Their stories will move you, touch you, enrage you and sometimes bring a smile on your face. It will make you look at the LOCKDOWN with a new perspective.

She for Her

Published in 2023

A compelling and thought-provoking book that explores the challenges faced by women in our society. The protagonist Sheetal is a woman nearing forty and she is faced with challenges on her personal as well as professional front.

Instead of breaking down, Sheetal finds an inherent strength to not only fight her own battles but also for other women who were not strong enough.

This is an inspiring and empowering book that portrays the life journey of not only the protagonist but millions of women who are fighting their own battles and demons.

This is a book of courage and resilience. This is a book that implores women to stand up for each other.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Rashmi Trivedi: It was in 2013 that I was transferred to a different city and I had to stay there without my family for three years.

The period was full of challenges, but I also got time for myself. It turned out to be a period of transformation for me.

It was then that I embarked upon a journey of self-discovery. There were many things that I found out about myself.

One was that I loved to write. I went through this adversity and came out a more evolved and confident person. I wanted to share my experiences with other women. Writing was as the best way to do it.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Rashmi Trivedi: I still do not consider myself as a “writer”. Writing to me is an expression of my feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

I do not write for the riches, name, or fame. I write because through my words I want to touch people’s lives. I think of myself as an emotional and expressive person and through my words, I aim to touch a chord in my reader’s heart.

How many books have you written?

Rashmi Trivedi: I have written 5 books and two poetry collections.

What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

Rashmi Trivedi: I normally write at night as I have a regular 9-5 job. It is only in the night that my duties as an employee, wife, mother etc are over.

Post dinner is the me-time that I get, and it is then that I write. I am a night owl and I do not need a lot of sleep.

How long does it take you to write a book?

Rashmi Trivedi: Writing is my passion and not profession and so it depends on how busy I am. My book” The lockdown” took only 15 days to write whereas “2047: The unifier” took more than a year.

So, a lot of factors come into play. In spite of my busy work life, I have still managed to publish 7 books in 7 years. Not bad, eh?

When did you write your first book?

Rashmi Trivedi: My first book, ‘Woman, everything  will be fine” was written and published in September 2016

How do books get published?

Rashmi Trivedi: I self-published my first two books with Blue Rose Publishers and after that all my books have been traditionally published by them. I am very happy with their services and the need of going to some other publisher was never felt.

What is the most difficult part about writing for you?

Rashmi Trivedi: Writing is therapeutic for me. It’s never difficult. But yes, sometimes finding time for writing in this busy, hectic life becomes a challenge.

What advice would you give a new writer?

Rashmi Trivedi: New writers should aim at writing to express and not to impress. Write from your heart, not from your mind.

Don’t think whether the book will bring you name and fame or not. Write with the sole purpose of touching a chord in the reader’s heart.

Where can readers purchase your books?

Rashmi Trivedi: They are available in all online stores as well as leading bookstores.

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