This Entrepreneur is Building the Best Franchise Based Coffee Brand in India

Bhupinder Madaan

An Inspiring story of Bhupinder Madaan

From its humble origins in a small office to a fully-fledged headquarters in Ahmedabad,  alongside franchises across 44+ cities with 250+ locations, clocking a Rs 25 Cr turnover in the  last quarter, aiming to end the year with 100 CR, 


Bhupinder Madaan’s journey from selling pamphlets to a successful coffee brand, Theka Coffee,  is nothing short of inspiring. The entrepreneur, who hails from Ahmedabad, began his business  journey at the age of 14 by selling pamphlets in his hometown. This gig earned him Rs 200 a day  for two hours of work after school.

Bhupinder had enrolled as an external student in his high school, which allowed him to appear  for exams without attending classes. It was during this time that he spotted Momo stalls in  every corner of Delhi while visiting his other home in the city.

Ahmedabad, however, had yet to  catch on to the trend. Bhupinder saw a gap in the market and decided to start a Momo stall in  his hometown when he was only 15. In just two years, he expanded to three stalls, catering to a  growing demand for street food.

In January 2017, Bhupinder decided to quit everything else and focus on researching the food  and beverage industry. His inspiration came from a chance visit to a bar in Delhi. This gave  Bhupinder the idea to sell coffee in a beer bottle, which he started doing under the brand name  Theka Coffee in September 2017.

Over the next two and a half years, Bhupinder expanded Theka Coffee through a franchise  model and opened 14 cafes. The brand’s unique selling point was its packaging; coffee served in  beer bottles. It was an instant hit among coffee lovers, especially millennials who were drawn  to its hip and trendy packaging.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Theka Coffee faced a significant challenge as its existing 14  outlets were compelled to close due to financial constraints imposed by the crisis. However,  Bhupinder, despite harboring doubts about the brand’s potential for success, refused to  abandon it.

Once the initial wave of the pandemic subsided, Bhupinder exhibited remarkable resilience by  starting afresh. He purchased a cart and stationed it on Sindhu bhavan Marg in Ahmedabad,  reinitiating coffee sales from this point. Despite facing hardships through the various pandemic

waves, Bhupinder managed to generate daily coffee sales ranging from Rs 2,000 to 3,000 over a  span of three months. Encouraged by this, he chose to organically expand his coffee chain by  deploying four carts across different locations in Ahmedabad, all while minimizing significant  capital investments and operational expenses.

Bhupinder’s perspective on failure was unconventional; he regarded it not as a negative setback  but as a constructive learning experience. In his view, failures were valuable steppingstones in  an entrepreneur’s journey, not obstacles to fear. Embracing this mindset, he maintained a  positive outlook that helped Theka Coffee endure external challenges without losing its morale.

The turning point for Theka Coffee emerged when it was featured on Shark Tank India in  January 2022. Despite a modest valuation of 5 crores, Bhupinder and his team presented their  business concept to seasoned investors.

Despite not securing investment from the Sharks in  Shark Tank, they persisted and redoubled their efforts to realize their vision.

Rather than stunting the brand’s growth, the Shark Tank rejection fueled Bhupinder’s  determination to elevate Theka Coffee’s success. Following the televised episode, the brand  experienced a surge in sales, frequently selling out at its various locations and everybody  wanted to grab this coffee franchise opportunity.

Adopting a franchise model, the brand began  offering coffee franchise opportunities from a modest 5X5 feet office. Bhupinder, alongside co founder Abhishek Acharya and Business Development head Animesh Khare, addressed over a  thousand franchise inquiries daily while tapping the franchise opportunity that there were.

Theka Coffee has consistently reached remarkable heights, defied expectations and proving  skeptics wrong. At this very moment, the brand is experiencing high demand, whether it’s for  their coffee offerings or coffee franchise opportunities.

Their extraordinary dedication has  enabled them to expand across the entire nation, presenting countless coffee franchise  opportunities and forming exceptional partnerships with franchisees.

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