Intangles launches Inline Driving Scorecard: A conducive new feature to improve driving behaviour

Intangles launches Inline Driving Scorecard

Harnessing the power of Digital Twin Technology, the new feature collates vast pools of data from over 4 billion sensory data points on a daily basis and transmits signals on erroneous driving behaviour to the operators.

Pune, 03  August 2022: On a mission to transform how operators in the mobility industry conduct business by leveraging its proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, Intangles is a leading solutions provider for the mobility industry that has built the largest repository of repair strategies backed by revolutionary Digital Twin Technology.

The company has launched a new Inline Driving Scorecard feature that enables fleet operators to monitor and analyze erroneous driving practices like idling, harsh acceleration, free running, hard breaking and overspeeding.

In its bid to promote fuel efficiency and appropriate driving behaviour, Intangle’s latest feature enables operators to promote and incentivize good driving behaviour using the Scorecards.

The feature is a one-stop-destination to gather precise and apt insights into the efficiency of drivers. The platform displays scores based on various aspects of driving behaviour and is, therefore, a reliable tool that provides actionable insights.

It provides accurate feedback on gear utilization trends, idling instances and other erroneous driving practices, thereby improving fuel efficiency and overall health of the vehicle.

Fleet operators have witnessed an impressive 12-15% improvement in mileage and fuel economy on utilizing the feature.

This innovative feature comes in addition to Intangles’ plethora of existing vehicle monitoring features. They use historic and real-time data to deliver alerts of possible failures, which leads to a significant reduction in the on-road break-down of vehicles, thereby increasing operational hours and lowering maintenance/repair costs.

Averting an imminent break-down saves unplanned costs towards towing, making alternate arrangements for goods or passengers and post-failure repairs and replacements which may prove costly.

With Intangles, fleet owners have all the necessary information related to fault codes that may arise in their vehicles, whether minor, major or critical ones, at their fingertips along with repair strategies depending on the severity.

The Vehicle Monitoring feature also helps fleet operators conduct preventive and proactive maintenance to reduce vehicle downtime.

This solution also helps in addressing the issue of fuel pilferage. Fuel theft has been a major cause of concern among fleet operators and vehicle owners for a long time.

There have been quite a few fuel-tracking devices in the past, however, none were accurate and efficient enough to provide comprehensive insights on the quantity of fuel theft, with the exact location and time to support the claim, in turn, helping compute the accurate cost per km of fuel consumed.

Around 90% of all road accidents occur due to driving errors. In addition to the loss of lives and goods, accidents also significantly, directly or indirectly, impact costs such as repair costs, increase in insurance premiums, and costs incurred due to vehicle downtime.

Intangles’ driving behaviour monitoring feature allows operators to check the increasing number and keep track of the driving behaviour along with personalized training to each driver on a regular basis.

This comprehensive solution can successfully track more than 20 exceptions in driver behaviour like overspeeding, idling, hard braking, free running, etc which helps generate actionable insights.

Speaking on the occasion, Neil Unadkat, CTO of Intangles said, “We are well on our way to revolutionizing the vehicle monitoring and safety space through our newest proprietary solutions.

The technology has been specifically designed to keep fleet owners a step ahead by preventing possible breakdowns.

By taking into account the data emanated from over 4 Billion sensory data points, our solution can extend over 20 exceptions in driver behaviour.

The Scorecard factors in geospatial intelligence to provide comprehensive insights. As our solution gets gradually adopted by fleet owners across the country, we can safely assume that vehicle safety and driver monitoring will never be the same again.”

He further added, “We have over 50% of the private inter-city bus market live on our platform being constantly tracked in real-time on various operational parameters.

We continue to deliver trailblazing solutions to the bus industry, tracking 25 Million km. and 6 Million litres of fuel consumption on a monthly basis.

Through our state-of-the-art physics-informed ML-driven algorithms, we enable our customers to save a whopping ₹7.2 Million by preventing idling and ₹50 Million by averting breakdowns every month.

Our fleet operators have witnessed a reduction of as much as 12% in breakdowns through alerts raised for almost 19% of the buses in their fleet.”

Intangles’ solutions are aimed at deriving easily discernible, actionable insights from complex telemetry data streams, targeted at fulfilling the KPIs of the everyday fleet manager.

This envelopes highly accurate performance statistics (fuel consumption, distance, run hours), predictive alerts for failure with the highest levels of precision, diagnostics alerts with elaborate metadata (causes, repair strategies) and comprehensive reports on schedules and pilferages.

About Intangles: Intangles is a leading solutions provider that leverages its proprietary Digital Twin technology to provide predictive insights in real-time for the mobility industry. Intangles’ solution entails the use of proprietary ML algorithms to generate predictive insights on component failure, precise statistics on vehicle performance (fuel consumption, distance, run hours), driving behaviour and automated reports by leveraging geospatial intelligence. 

As of today, the Intangles platform monitors 60K+ assets across 11 countries, while onboarding approximately 600 fleet operators per month and wrangling a staggering 4 Billion sensory data points on a daily basis.

The company has launched a new Inline Driving Scorecard feature that enables fleet operators to monitor and analyze erroneous driving practices like idling, harsh acceleration, free running, hard breaking, and overspeeding. For those looking to learn driving in houston, this innovative tool can be especially valuable in improving their driving skills and safety on the road.

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