Integrative Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho’s Free One-of-Its-Kind Score Lets You Measure Lifestyle

Luke Coutinho

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has familiarized almost every one of us with, it is a lab test. Today, setting up a medical test – whether an RT PCR, complete blood count, HbA1c, lipid profiles, liver and kidney function, TSH, or CRP, among others – can be done at the mere click of a few buttons.

Yet, there isn’t a single test that can help you assess your lifestyle. Renowned Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine coach Luke Coutinho and his expert team of doctors, nutritionists, dietitians, yoga experts, life coaches and researchers identified this gap.

In a bid to bridge this, they spent months creating The You Care Lifestyle Score. The score derives its name from the unique community platform that Coutinho has built called You Care – All About You with millions of ardent followers.

Elucidating the conceptualization behind this one-of-its-kind lifestyle measuring tool, Coutinho says, “The You Care Lifestyle Score is a simple and non-invasive test that needs no needles or swabs.

All it requires is an investment of your time. This six-minute test needs you to reflect on your current lifestyle and carefully answer a few multiple-choice questions to get a lifestyle score.”

It isn’t a regular test. Every question also gives you an interesting fact or lifestyle tip at the end.

The score evaluates you based on the four pillars, namely deep cellular nutrition, activity, sleep, and emotional wellness. Each of these is fundamental for good health, prevention, and recovery, believes Coutinho.

“For the longest time, we have experienced the power of making small shifts in your lifestyle that can help you reverse your lifestyle diseases, aid recovery, and manage the side effects of medications.

Taking care of your health and lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean making giant leaps. Sometimes, all you need are small wins every day.

The key to beginning any journey is to assess where you are right now and what route you must take. Our You Care lifestyle score will help you do this.” Coutinho hopes that this score can help people set and achieve their lifestyle milestones.

“It does not matter if you are young or old, sick or healthy. If you have the passion to meet your lifestyle goals, the You Care Lifestyle Score is for YOU.

Don’t worry if your score is not perfect. It means you still have the scope to hit your goals. I truly believe that this score can become a great starting point to begin your journey to holistic wellness,” he signs off.

Take the You Care Lifestyle Score Here

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