International Shipping: Everything You Need To Know in 2022

International Shipping

International shipping is a standard feature of eCommerce. International shipping is a reality for eCommerce store owners.

We are now left with the question: How do we get products from Point A, where they could be found almost anywhere, to Point B which could also exist just about anywhere?

Drop shippers will find this especially important. Dropshipping offers the unique opportunity to sell products worldwide.

This solves a problem – getting the products. However, it opens up many others like controlling international shipping costs.

This guide provides information on worldwide shipping. You will also be provided with seven useful tips to aid drop shippers and eCommerce store managers in the international shipping maze.

By the time you reach the end of this post, you will have a better grasp of international shipping.

What you Need to Know about International Shipping

An eCommerce business can be exciting. Logistics can be both frustrating and essential. Before you can begin planning how you’ll get your product from Point A or B, the first thing you should do is to determine where your suppliers are and where you’re shipping.

Once you have these things in place, you are ready to start exploring the international shipping companies.

International Shipping Companies

The cost of shipping internationally will also depend on where they ship to, and what rates they offer. DHL (and UPS) offer extensive information about importing and exporting regulations via their websites.

Cheapest International Shipping Companies

Depending upon the eCommerce platform, your company may be able to receive discounted shipping rates from international companies.

Shopify, for example, offers US and Canada users special rates with shipping firms such as DHL Express Express or UPS. Some companies allow customers to schedule a free or discounted pickup.

Shopify creates the right documentation and customs forms when international shipping label orders are placed. DHL Express can be used to ship products from the US. These documents are electronically transmitted to customs without the need for additional paperwork.

International shipping costs

An eCommerce company must understand international shipping rates. It will tell you how to price your product, especially if you offer free shipping Your customers don’t need to be charged too much. However, you shouldn’t be charging them extra for shipping.

You can also understand shipping costs if you are charging separately for shipping. This will help you gauge your product’s landed cost.

This section will focus on the various factors that impact international shipping costs.

How Much Does Shipping Internationally Cost?

International shipping rates are subject to a wide range of factors including

  • The destination and origin of the parcel. As a rule, the international parcel delivery fee will increase the farther you send your parcel. We’ll be showing you an example to prove that this is not always the case.
  • You can ship with either express carriers or postal carriers. Express carriers generally offer better services, so they tend to cost more.
  • The type of product. Different countries have different taxes and duties that apply to different products. This can affect international shipping costs.

How do determine international shipping costs?

The rate calculators for the carriers you choose will help you calculate the cost of shipping internationally. Here are some shipping calculators you might be familiar with.

What is International Shipping the Most Affordable?

It is the best way to ship international items internationally, and it is also one of your most affordable options. Every carrier sets its own rates.

One way to benefit from this is to look through their rates and make an overview of the companies that offer the lowest rates.

The USPS is one of the most cost-effective carriers for small parcels. The USPS Priority Mail Three-Day Flat Rate Box is available for $7.90.

This box can carry up to 70 pounds so you can send multiple accessories and clothing in one package. USPS offers small package pricing so if you have a small order, you may be able to ship them for even less.

Based on the weight and shape of your item, the cost might be as low as $4.00. DHL Worldwide Express Express is the best shipping option for large items.

It is possible to reduce shipping costs by packaging fewer products. To reduce packaging weight and shipping costs, it is a good idea to bulk down.

Shipping companies may also offer free packaging material. USPS is an example of a shipping company that offers free boxes, materials, and insurance.

Expedited shipping can help reduce international delivery costs. While this may mean that the shipping time will be longer, it will still be attractive to customers who are willing or able to wait.

How long does international shipping take?

Express international shipping generally takes 2-3 business days to arrive. Standard shipping takes anywhere from 1-4 Weeks. Orders that are delayed by customs clearance may take up to six weeks to arrive.

Shipping times are affected by distance and whether you choose to express. Shipping times could be extended due to other factors such as customs duties, taxes, and duties.

Each country has its own rules regarding duties, customs, and taxes.

It is crucial to arrange the paperwork properly to avoid delays at customs. Many documents can be obtained from your local postal service. These documents will vary from country to country but they are generally required.

You should also pay taxes and duties in time so that there are no customs holds, which can unnecessarily slow down international shipping.

Update: The global epidemic has had a negative impact on international shipping operations. Many international shipping carriers have suspended their routes and warned that delays may occur on other routes. Many carriers recommend express mail to businesses to avoid delays.

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