Introduction to Laravel’s Robust Security Features

Laraves Robust Security Features

Laravel is an open-source robust PHP framework which is easy to understand and implement. It obeys a model-view-controller design pattern.

It is a popular development platform that easies common to complex tasks for the developers and makes it smooth to use for users. It is well known for its performance and active user community. 

It is a secure platform for developing your apps on. As we all know, security is something that should never be compromised, thus, it has some amazing security features. These are built to meet your security demands.

You might have often come across articles about, ‘who is better between PHP and Laravel?’ Well, when it comes to security, we can assure you that Laravel’s inbuilt security features are much more promising than PHP.

You can also hire Laravel programmers to make Laravel code more secure and give more power to its inbuilt features.

In this article, we have mentioned the major security loopholes and Laravel’s security features to overcome it.

Laravel Security Features

It offers the below security features to enable developers to reduce the security loopholes in their application.

1. Laravel Authentication System

It uses “providers” and “guards” to make the authentication process smooth and secure. The purpose of ‘providers’ is to facilitate the users from the database while retrieving it back.

And the purpose of “guards” is to authenticate users for every request they make. It has a powerful user authentication process with associated boilerplate code open in the scaffolding.

You can hire a Laravel developer who can set up the database, models, and controllers to secure the authentication of the app.

2.  Protection Against XSS (Cross-Site Scripting)

In XSS attacks, the hacker usually enters JavaScript into your website. So, whenever a new visitor accesses the affected page of the form, the script will be executed with a negative impact.

For securing your application from such malicious attacks, offers native support to protect the code from any XSS attacks. These support features automatically take actions and save users from any such attacks.

3.   SQL Injection

SQL injections can be critically harmful for application, user, and overall business reputation. It has the potential to hack the database.

This popular web hack technique can be prevented with Laravel’s Eloquent ORM, which uses PDO binding. This combination protects users from SQL injections.

It also offers other ways of securing databases, but the Eloquent remains the most popular and trustworthy option.

After knowing the popular security features, we shall move forward to the list of things you should take care of to prevent any code attacks in applications. These steps will help you to enhance the security of your application and gain the trust of your users.

  • Avoid Raw Queries to Prevent SQL injection.

Laravel employs PDO binding to prevent SQL injection attacks. This ensures that no variable gets access to the database without the user’s validation.

  • Exposed Files

If you are aware of it, then you might know that it only exposes the public directory by default. This avoids security breaches.

Here, if a user wishes to expose the files in order to download them, then they can keep those files in the storage directory and add a symbolic link to a public directory.

Users can also use PHP artisan storage:link for performing this action efficiently. With this command, any file that your app stores in the storage directory becomes available for download. You must avoid adding manual permissions to another directory because this may lead to a potential data breach.

  • Password Vulnerabilities

It provides multiple ways to hash data, especially passwords like:



Here, the APP_KEY is used to encrypt data, decrypt data, and for signed routes too.

  • Enhance Your Security with Purifier

The double curly braces in Laravel provide additional security by ensuring that no raw HTML is yielded to the customer.

There is an option if a user wants to yield some HTML variable from the database: they can utilise HTML Purifier, which is an all-round kept up instrument which will tide up your code and deal with missing and omitted HTML codes.

Now that you are well aware of it’s security features and the ways to prevent security loopholes, let us know Laravel’s security packages.

Best Security Packages

It offers different packages for enhancing the security of its applications. Here, we have mentioned some of their best security packages to gain your user’s trust and save your website from getting hacked.

Security Component

This is mainly for the roles to integrate into the Symfony security core in Laravel. With voters, it checks the role-based privileges to different roles to validate its security.


Laravel security is among the most frequently used packages which is known for removing XSS vulnerabilities from the codebase. This has been ported from CodeIgniter 3 into Laravel 5.


It provides multiple role-based secured permissions for the authentication process. This package helps to protect routes and CRUD controller methods in your applications.

Wrapping Up

Laravel security features are developed rightly to cater to all your security needs for your application. Ensure you never miss any update from them.

After knowing the high-security arrangement for their users, you too might want to have an application using it. For this, you can hire a Laravel developer who knows about the recent updates of Laravel’s. They can then make a robust and secure application for your business.

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