IRCTC Dividend Announced: Check The Record Date And Payment Date To See How Much Stockholders Will Get


IRCTC Dividend Announced: Check The Record Date And Payment Date To See How Much Stockholders Will Get.

February 2023: IRCTC Dividend announced: Check the record date and payment date to see how much stockholders will get.

IRCTC Dividend: The travel and ticketing division of Indian Railways on Thursday recorded a 22% increase in its standalone net profit at Rs 256 crore for the third quarter ended December 31, 2022, as compared to Rs 209 crore in the same time the previous year. The business has also announced an interim dividend as a way to thank its owners.

The IRCTC Board of Directors declared an interim dividend of Rs 3.50 per share on equity shares with a face value of Rs 2 each for the financial year 2022–2023, which is 175 percent of paid–up share capital at its meeting on Thursday.

The record date is an important date to remember so that stockholders can receive dividend payments. As of Wednesday, February 22, the Board of Directors has set the record date for the purpose of paying the interim dividend.

The date, which is set by the company’s board, decides which shareholders will be qualified to receive the dividend. The dividend will be paid to shareholders who owned IRCTC shares as at February 22.

Date of the Shree Cement Dividend

The interim dividend will be paid out by the corporation 30 days after it has been declared, according to the announcement.

Quarterly Results for IRCTC

In the third quarter of current fiscal year, IRCTC saw a 22% increase in net profit, and its operating income increased 70% year over year to Rs 918 crore for the quarter ending in December, from Rs 540 crore in the same quarter last year.

IRCTC’s catering segment revenue increased 275% year over year to Rs 394 crore from Rs 105 crore in Q3 of the previous year. Revenues from the online ticketing industry fell by 4%, to Rs 301 crore, from October to December.

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