Is it OK to apply for a job if you are an entrepreneur – Jooble explains

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Is it OK to apply for a job if you are an entrepreneur – Jooble explains

As an entrepreneur re-entering the job market, you might be wondering whether being a former business owner might be held against you.

In this article, we look at the reasons why entrepreneurs shouldn’t be discouraged or worried about applying for a job.

Entrepreneurs frequently re-enter the workforce for a variety of reasons. Their business might have failed, or they might have become weary of the responsibilities, long hours, and finances needed to run their own business.

Or they might have had a profitable business that simply wasn’t making enough money to sustain them.

Whatever the reason, if you’re an entrepreneur and contemplating re-entering the job market after being your own boss and getting a job as an international business manager Abroad, for example, you might be wondering whether employers would find your history as a former business founder appealing – or off-putting.

In this article, the experts at job aggregator Jooble take a closer look at the reasons why entrepreneurs shouldn’t be discouraged about applying for a job.

What is an entrepreneur?

Let’s take a look at the role of the entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who establishes and manages their own business. Someone who takes a concept and turns it into a viable and possibly successful business.

Whether it’s a coffee shop are a tech company, self-started businesses are a crucial component of any healthy economy. Many large and successful corporations today were born from the vision of an entrepreneur.

Different entrepreneurs have different skills, personalities, and varied objectives. They might buy into a franchise, or start a new business from scratch.

They may work as a one-man band, or with a team to support their endeavors. Whatever the enterprise, entrepreneurs are often admired for their courage in taking on responsibilities and facing the financial risks of running their own company. Entrepreneurs are that rare breed: out-of-the-box thinkers.

Do companies hire entrepreneurs?

Yes, they do. Companies frequently favor hiring ex-entrepreneurs for top positions over other candidates. Many believe that previous business owners can add unique value to organizations of all sizes and types.

Former business owners are frequently well-versed in the art of solving complicated problems, and meeting challenges head-on.

Entrepreneurs are good multitaskers since they have had to perform multiple roles within their own companies, and an employee who can take on many roles can be extremely beneficial to any organization.

Why do companies hire entrepreneurs?

Some companies prefer recruiting entrepreneurs for their leadership and innovative qualities, as well as their capacity to pursue business goals.

An ex-entrepreneur brings to the table a set of skills that are helpful in various roles, including the capacity to comprehend market trends and business dynamics.

Former business founders make good leaders who are able to communicate with a long-term vision, establish objectives, delegate tasks, and adhere to deadlines.

They are capable of coming up with original solutions to challenging business obstacles. These are people whose businesses required them to constantly innovate and adapt, changing course when necessary.

How to prepare your resume when applying for a job as an entrepreneur

As a former self-employed entrepreneur, your resume should focus on the knowledge and abilities you can offer a potential employer.

Where you worked before is less important than the set of skills and experience you can bring to the company.

As with all job applications, you need to outline what makes you uniquely suitable for the position. If, for instance, the job description calls for someone who can take the initiative to generate new business, build new contacts, or grow sales, give examples of how you achieved that in your own business.

Since working for oneself is sometimes seen as a career gap, getting ready for re-entry into the mainstream job market will probably involve a little more effort on your part.

Businesses might see hiring a former entrepreneur as a “flight risk”.  Companies have an aversion to recruiting someone only to have them quit after a year, especially after just concluding their training.

For the employer, this represents a waste of time and resources. That’s why it’s a good idea to include a cover letter with your CV.

The cover letter offers the opportunity to introduce and advertise yourself. Furthermore, your cover letter ought to give specifics on how your skills as a former entrepreneur might benefit the organization and your intention to work there long-term.

Final thoughts

Being an entrepreneur needn’t be detrimental to landing a job. It might actually be your greatest asset. Keep in mind, though, that you have the best chance of finding a job if your particular skill set, qualifications, and experience match the position.

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