Is Your Child Safe in a Bounce House?

Is Your Child Safe in a Bounce House

Is Your Child Safe in a Bounce House?

Bounce houses, or moonwalks as they are sometimes called, are popular at birthday parties and carnivals, but they can also be found at special events like school fundraisers or business carnivals.

These fun inflatable structures give kids of all ages a place to bounce, jump and play, but many parents worry about how safe they are.

While the risks are low compared to most activities children do, these tips will help keep your kids safe in bounce houses.

Choose a Reputable Company

Wedding bounce houses are an awesome, unique way to add fun and entertainment to your wedding. They’re also one of the safest ways for kids and adults to have good old-fashioned bouncing fun.

Not all companies are created equal, though. When shopping for a wedding bounce house, make sure you do your research before making a final decision.

Read reviews from previous customers about their experience with the company and what they offer, as well as check out their Facebook page or website to see if it looks professional.

You’ll want to ensure that the company is insured and bonded so that should anything happen during setup or take down, there’s somebody responsible who can take care of any issues or accidents that might occur on site.

Inspect the Equipment

Wedding bounce houses are usually rented for kids’ parties and can be very large. If you plan on using one for your child’s party, make sure the company provides you with a checklist of items to inspect before use.

For example, is the bounce house on level ground? Do all parts of the bounce house move freely when shaken or pushed?

Is there any metal that would hurt children if they touched it while bouncing (like screws or metal stakes)?

When examining rental equipment, check that a certified technician has properly inspected it. If you are buying equipment, look for the ASTM sticker, and only buy something with it!

Follow the Rules

Wedding bounce houses are a special type of bounce house that typically exist only for the duration of the wedding. These inflatable castles can be rented for your event and provide fun hours for kids and adults alike.

Follow these rules to ensure your event is safe:

Use only professionals 

Many rogue businesses will charge low prices but need to gain experience or knowledge.

Stay away from high-traffic areas 

While you may want it near your buffet, tables, etc., this could cause congestion, leading to more injuries than if set up on an open field.

Have someone monitor at all times

This is especially important if you have large groups of kids playing together because they may only sometimes play well together.

Have an adequate number of attendants 

The attendants should be well-trained and have CPR certification.

Adult Supervision is a Must

The safest place for children under the age of six is an adult’s care. For this reason, bounce houses are not recommended for those younger than six.

However, safety precautions should be taken with any bounce house rental. The first and most important is adult supervision. Adult supervision must be provided when children play inside or around the bounce house.

It is also best practice to have two adults supervise at one time, as children may need assistance from adults if they get stuck or fall out of the bouncer. Another safety precaution knows where you will set up your bouncer before use.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

A wedding bounce house is not something you want to leave up when the weather starts getting bad. It doesn’t take much wind for them to blow over and cause damage.

Also, the weight on the bounce house will make it difficult for those inside to climb out once it’s blown over.

As with any inflatable, please don’t leave it up when not being used or put anything on top that may obstruct the airflow.

For instance, if you have a wedding bounce house with kids playing inside and adults using it as a photo booth, make sure there are no tables or chairs on top of it that could cause problems if high winds toppled them over.

Final Words

Wedding bounce houses are an absolute blast. They allow kids to play and have fun while parents can relax and enjoy their wedding.

However, there are some safety precautions that you should take into consideration before your next event.

Ensure the bounce house is fully inflated before opening the door for children, and ensure the area around it is clear of any hazards.

It’s also important for children to wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers when playing inside the bounce house, so they don’t accidentally trip over something on the ground or fall off an edge. 

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