Interview: Ishita Verma, Founder of Capisvirleo, a lifestyle brand

Ishita Verma-Founder of Capisvirleo

An interview with Ishita Verma, Founder of Capisvirleo, a lifestyle brand crafted for the Bohemian soul, creating handcrafted products

Welcome to an insightful interview with Ishita Verma, the visionary behind Capisvirleo, embodies the essence of creativity and craftsmanship. Her passion for celebrating the Bohemian spirit through handcrafted products has not only shaped a brand but also sparked a cultural movement.

With a commitment to authenticity and artisanal excellence, Ishita has carved out a niche in the lifestyle market, captivating the hearts of Bohemian souls worldwide.

Can you share the inspiration behind founding Capisvirleo? What drove you to venture into the fashion, accessories industry, specifically focusing on Indian designer ethnic wear?

Ishita Verma: Growing up, I was always mesmerized by the vibrant play of colours and the intricate details in embroidery, vintage crafts, and prints. Surrounded by creative minds and personalities, I became a keen observer and felt an innate motivation to design.

Venturing into the fashion industry allowed me to channel this passion into creating something meaningful, and unique. My aim was to blend the timeless elegance of Indian crafts with modern, bohemian silhouettes, offering pieces that are not only stylish but also emotionally resonant.

Capisvirleo seems to seamlessly blend traditional with contemporary fashion. How do you navigate this balance in your designs?

Ishita Verma: Our approach involves meticulous research into traditional techniques, such as Kantha embroidery or tie-dye, and reimagining them in contemporary silhouettes and styles. This blend allows us to create pieces that are timeless yet relevant, appealing to both the nostalgic and modern sensibilities of our customers.

Each collection tells a unique story, blending the past with the present. Through our designs, we aim to evoke emotions and memories, creating a deep connection between the wearer and the garment.

What sets Capisvirleo apart from other fashion brands specializing in Indian contemporary wear? How do you ensure your brand stands out in a competitive market?

Ishita Verma: Capisvirleo stands out in the competitive market through our unwavering commitment to quality, mindfulness, and unique design. My core inspiration lies in merging comfort with style, ensuring that each piece is not only visually stunning but also exceptionally wearable.

The brand distinguishes itself by offering unique, handcrafted garments that celebrate individuality and craftsmanship. Capisvirleo captures the hearts of those who are bold and love to express themselves through fashion, adding a maximalist flair to their wardrobe.

Could you walk us through the process of curating collections for Capisvirleo? How do you select designs that align with your brand’s vision?

Ishita Verma:It begins with a strong concept or inspiration, often drawn from cultural elements, nature, or even everyday life. We then explore colours, textures, and techniques that resonate with this theme. Sin ce we are a textile-based brand, a significant focus is placed on dyeing processes and surface explorations to achieve the perfect hues and patterns.

We also experiment with various surface techniques, ensuring that creativity leads the way. Each collection is a blend of innovation and tradition, designed to offer unique and cohesive pieces that align with our brand’s vision of elegance, mindfulness, and self-expression.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the fashion industry. How does Capisvirleo incorporate sustainable practices into its business model and product offerings?

Ishita Verma: At Capisvirleo, we strive to reduce production waste to zero by using zero-waste techniques. We employ leftover materials to make packaging bags, while waste threads and scrap fabric are used to make jewellery.

Many of our designs feature patchwork, using remnants from tie-dye processes to create unique fabrics. This not only cuts down on waste but also gives our clothes a unique character and significant value addition.

Your brand caters to both women and men. What are the unique challenges and opportunities in designing and marketing fashion and accessories for both genders?

Ishita Verma: As the boundaries between gender-specific fashion blur, we focus on creating pieces that anyone can wear, celebrating free expression through the vibrancy of fashion. A key challenge lies in ensuring our designs resonate with diverse tastes and preferences while maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

However, this also presents a fantastic opportunity to expand our creative horizons and reach a broader audience, embracing the diversity and individuality of our customers.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to break into the fashion industry, especially those interested in Indian contemporary wear and accessories?

Ishita Verma: For aspiring entrepreneurs, my advice is to stay true to your vision and passion. The fashion industry is highly competitive, but authenticity always stands out. True self-expression is challenging, but it pays off in the end.

Be adaptable to market changes and audience preferences. Surround yourself with the right crowd, stay informed about market trends, and never stop learning and unlearning. Most importantly, believe in your unique perspective and let it shine through your creations.

In conclusion, Ishita Verma’s journey with Capisvirleo exemplifies the power of artistry and dedication in creating a meaningful lifestyle brand. Through her intricate designs and unwavering commitment to quality, Ishita continues to inspire individuals to embrace their unique essence.

As Capisvirleo thrives and evolves, Ishita’s vision remains steadfast, offering a testament to the enduring allure of handmade craftsmanship in today’s global marketplace.

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