“It took a decline in the economic and business activities for me to understand the value of money,” states Vaibhav Maloo.

Vaibhav Maloo

Entrepreneur and Managing Director of Enso Group Vaibhav Maloo speaks about his experiences in running businesses.

Gathering the courage to work around ideas and then try and execute them to bring visions to life is something that may sound too easy to achieve. Still, in reality, entrepreneurs may give up halfway or lose hope in their journeys to attain success.

Building businesses has never been a walk in the park for anyone, and some have had also to work their fingers to the bone to be in the competition and give a tough fight through their products and services. This seems challenging for single business owners, let alone the ones running a diverse enterprise.

Vaibhav Maloo is a man and a strong force behind one of such massive conglomerates in Mumbai, India, serving as the Managing Director of Enso Group.

Although this man has been sharing the reigns of business with his entrepreneur father, Vinay Maloo has had an arduous journey in the business world, which took him years to prove his excellence.

Speaking on the same, the passionate MD of Enso Group says, “It took several challenges on my path, struggles, hurdles, and decline in the economic and business activities in business, for me to realise the value of money.”

Adding further, he highlights how things were not easy for him when he first stepped foot into the business world and took many decisions that didn’t work his way.

Though these decisions did not provide his desired results in business, they gave him incredible business experiences. They made him understand the true value of money and how to manage and use it in businesses.

He says that experiences are what people need in their journeys to not just understand the value of money but also learn several other lessons in building, growing, and developing businesses.

Today, after all these years, the massive contributions this business talent has made toward Enso Group, which is a growing business enterprise, and the many efforts he has taken to up the game in his businesses proves how far Vaibhav Maloo has reached in his journey not just as the Managing Director of Enso Group, but also as a President of Enso Foundation, which is their step toward a better India through philanthropic work.

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