How MBA Jagdish Kumar, NRI Chaiwala made a 1.2 Crore Business

Jagdish Kumar, NRI Chaiwala
Jagdish Kumar: Founder of NRI Chaiwala

Jagdish Kumar, NRI Chai Wala: How selling a tea make a man Millionaire

You are reading a success story of Jagdish Kumar, founder of Corpbite Unit of MGJ Restaurant India Pvt Limited. Popularly known as NRI Chaiwala.

Chai – Tea is a favourite drink in India. From morning startup to the end of the day, they boost up with a sip of tea.

Indian tea is famous all over the world. India also exports tea all over the world. These days many big brands are making different flavour to enhance the tea taste. Nowadays Flavoured teas are popular. 

Indian Teas are the most popular drink. 95% of people use to drink tea, and most people even can’t make their day without a sip of tea, they go outside to drink tea for relaxation with colleague, gossips, fatigue removal and stress relief. So, in India tea business is always a money-collecting business.

India is famous for tea lovers; you have heard many stories of people who earn their living by selling tea, but this success story is quite different.

How Jagdish Kumar Started NRI Chai Wala

The NRI Jagdish Kumar worked in a hospitality centre in Newzeland. He returned to India in 2018 with few things in mind.

He wants to do his own business, so he left his comfortable life in Newzeland and was back in India. In May 2019, Jagdish Kumar founded ‘Corpbite Unit of MGJ Restaurant India Pvt Limited’, a tea selling chain which sells different types of tea.  

Jagdish started selling tea from Rs 10 which is the ‘Cutting chai.’ He also developed a chai masala (powder) also helps in enhancing the flavour of the tea.

Jagdish was not only selling tea but gave a business a new turn by giving a new and attractive name to a tea flavour.

This gives a hike to his business and gained lots of profit. Now he has a company with 35 workers and gained a profit of 1.2 Million.  His profession got him the title ‘NRI Chaiwala’

Jagdish started his business Sitting with his tea stall outside the office, the employees of the nearby office love his tea style and taste.

After some time, he has given his tea business the name NRI CHAI WALA. Thus, he started his Tea Business in India.

The name plays a strategic role, the customer gets attracted with name and taste. By his tricks and taste, Jagdish becomes a tea Millionaire. To provide different flavours, Jagdish has mastered the art of different combinations of tea leaves.

Speciality of Tea at NRI Chai Wala

This NRI tea man has given a special and attractive name to the flavour of tea that customer tempts easily like Mother’s hand tea, Love and affection tea, ‘Pyaar-Mohabbat wali chai’ ‘Mardo wali chai,’ and ‘Anti-corona Brahmastra chai.’ credit tea etc.

Whom flavours are ready by their names. All the tea recipes and ingredients are secret. Jagdish Kumar offers more than 35 flavours of tea at his outlets.  He has a special tea that boosts your Immunity. The ingredients are Licorice, Turmeric powder, Ginger and make similar to kadha.

Jagdish Kumar has worked with elite hotel chains of India. He has rich experience in the hospitality industry. He also worked in beverage outlets and hotel chains in New Zealand and in some countries in the Middle-East.

The COVID-19 impact

At the time of COVID-19, he started working in RND to assemble the taste. The tea flavour is appreciated by the customers, for taste and health benefit.

When he started out, there were immense difficulties with respect to starting the operations, getting skilled labour, and having licences.

No major relief has been given in the financial packages to the hospitality or tourism industry rolled out by the government. Eight retail outlets were shut down because of the lockdown. He is determined to rise from the crisis.

Jagdish Kumar highlights that within India people consume beverages like filter coffee in south India and buttermilk and lassi in North India. He doesn’t plan to start coffee outlets.

Overall, Jagdish is heavily inspired by his self-reliant business and startup culture in the country. Jagdish Kumar completed his graduation in Hotel Management from the National Council of Hotel Management.

He believes that people should take advantage of “Digital India” and the country’s growing “startup culture” instead of sitting at home. He says he is in favor of Modiji’s mission and wants to get the most out of it. “

We hope you find the inspiring story of Jagdish Kumar, NRI Chaiwala useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

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