Interview: Jaibir Nihal Singh, Founder of TraqCheck, an an AI based authentication company

Jaibir Nihal Singh

An interview with Jaibir Nihal Singh, Founder of TraqCheck, Revolutionizing Background Verification with AI for Seamless, Efficient, and Reliable Hiring

Welcome to an insightful interview with Mr. Jaibir Nihal Singh, the visionary founder of TraqCheck, a pioneering platform that leverages AI to transform background verification. With a passion for innovation and efficiency, Mr. Singh has revolutionized the hiring process, ensuring seamless and reliable screenings for businesses worldwide.

What is the idea and concept behind TraqCheck?

Jaibir Nihal Singh: TraqCheck is an AI-powered background verification company designed to streamline and enhance the BGV process for companies during recruitment. By leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence, we aim to make background verification seamless, efficient, and reliable, ensuring companies can hire with confidence.

Who is your primary target group (TG), and who are your competitors?

Jaibir Nihal Singh:Our primary target group includes mid to large-sized enterprises, especially those in sectors with high compliance and regulatory requirements such as finance, healthcare, and IT. As for competitors, we face competition from traditional BGV companies like AuthBridge.

How is TraqCheck helping to bring more transparency in business operations and hiring processes?

Jaibir Nihal Singh: TraqCheck is revolutionizing transparency in business operations by providing accurate, timely, and comprehensive background checks. Our AI technology minimizes human error and bias, ensuring that the data provided is reliable and transparent. This helps businesses make informed hiring decisions and maintain a trustworthy workplace environment.

What are the challenges that TraqCheck has faced, and how has it overcome them?

Jaibir Nihal Singh: One significant challenge we’ve faced is the initial skepticism around AI-driven verification processes. To overcome this, we invested heavily in educating our clients and showcasing the accuracy and efficiency of our system through pilot programs and case studies.

We’ve also had to navigate data privacy regulations, which we addressed by implementing robust data protection measures and ensuring compliance with international standards.

How has the pandemic period been for your business?

Jaibir Nihal Singh: The pandemic period presented both challenges and opportunities for TraqCheck. While many businesses faced hiring freezes, the demand for remote hiring surged, increasing the need for reliable background verification.

We adapted quickly by enhancing our digital verification processes, which allowed us to continue providing our services without disruption and even expand our client base during this period.

What are the plans and future vision of TraqCheck?

Jaibir Nihal Singh:Our vision for TraqCheck is to become the global leader in AI-powered background verification. We plan to expand our operations to new markets, starting with the UK, and continue enhancing our technology to offer even more comprehensive and innovative solutions.

We’re also looking to integrate more advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to further streamline the verification process.

How many verifications have been done by the company to date?

Jaibir Nihal Singh: To date, TraqCheck has successfully completed over 500,000 verifications, helping numerous companies ensure their hires are trustworthy and reliable.

Brief about your expansion plans.

Jaibir Nihal Singh: We are currently focusing on expanding into the UK and UAE markets. Our strategy includes building a robust local team, forging partnerships with regional firms, and customizing our solutions to meet local regulatory requirements.

Are you looking for funding or angel investors?

Jaibir Nihal Singh: We recently raised a seed round from prolific investors and are now in the process of securing a bridge round to support our UK expansion and further product development.

How is your company contributing to the IoT/AI/Big Data Analytics/Robotics/Self-Driving Vehicles/Cloud Computing industry of the nation, and how is the company benefiting the clients?

Jaibir Nihal Singh: TraqCheck is at the forefront of integrating AI and big data analytics into the background verification process. By harnessing these technologies, we’re able to process vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, providing our clients with deep insights and reducing the time-to-hire.

This not only enhances the efficiency of their operations but also ensures a higher level of compliance and security.

What is your biggest USP that differentiates the company from competitors?

Jaibir Nihal Singh: Our biggest USP is our advanced AI-driven verification system, which offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Unlike traditional methods, our technology significantly reduces the time and cost associated with background checks while maintaining the highest standards of accuracy.

Additionally, our focus on customer education and support ensures that our clients can fully leverage the benefits of our platform.

Mr. Jaibir Nihal Singh’s commitment to leveraging AI for background verification has set a new standard in hiring practices. TraqCheck’s impact on efficiency and reliability underscores Mr. Singh’s leadership in advancing workforce solutions through cutting-edge technology.

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