The Inspiring Story of a Young Entrepreneur Jaimin Gupta, Who Built a Thriving Garment Business in 3 Years

Jaimin Gupta founder of Barcelona

The Inspiring Story of a Young Entrepreneur Jaimin Gupta, Who Built a Thriving Garment Business in 3 Years

Jaimin Gupta – a man full of words, grew up with the vision of bringing change with all of his compassion and betterment he could bring.

Not only in the clothing sector but building a growth-making step for each person in his surrounding is what Mr. Jaimin Gupta is known for!

At the early age of his 20s only, he stepped into the textile industry to make himself stocked with the detailed knowledge and requirements to build a successful and helpful clothing brand.

This procedure took 6 years which lastly honored his hard work with the establishment of Stitched Textiles Private Limited in 2015 (currently renowned as Barcelona).

“A journey of a thousand miles began with a simple step.” – After the successful execution of Stitched Textiles Private Limited, Mr. Jamin Gupta wanted to set up something that doesn’t stay bordered on customer benefits but also retailers with profitable franchise membership.  

And right in Feb 2019 – 26-year young Jaimin Gupta inaugurated his first 1st Barcelona store in Ahmedabad which incredibly jumped to the 10th store opening in just a small span of 1 month.

Till Oct 2019 Barcelona was the most buzzing brand in the clothing sector, which again took a skyrocket by joining hands with World Of Viru Private Limited. 

By the end of 2020, Barcelona hit the number of 2,00,000+ Loyal Customers with 25+ stores in different 2 and 3 tier cities across India which got strengthened with the launch of Barcelona’s e-commerce website.

After this robust backdrop, Jaimin Gupta was constantly functioning to make things more useful and accessible for all between which the entire town gets wrapped under sensitive circumstances of Covid-19. 

But Mr. Jaimin Gupta’s emphasis never let him down, in this critical situation when everyone was worried about even a one-time meal – Jaimin Gupta immediately got himself connected with NGOs, hospitals, and all the needed people and aided each of them with satisfactory medication and meal making each family to lead a healthy energy. 

After shutting off these situations, each Barcelona store reopened with the same staff only. That’s right! No Barcelona Club India member was fired due to covid but actually helped with all their essentials.

Within just 6 months of 2021 Barcelona extended its PAN India reach with the opening of its 50th Store. But the end of 2021 was even louder with the cross of 50,000+ Customer Base and 85 stores. 

With his golden vision of making Barcelona garments available for retailers, Jaimin Gupta launched Barcelona’s B2B App in 2022.

This app made the entire stock accessible to small garment retailers, including features such as stock correction, the introduction of fresh products, trade discounts on extra sales, and many other features. 

“Identity never creates exceptionalities, Exceptionalities create an identity” these have always been Mr. Jaimin Gupta’s slogan which made him drive 125+ stores in just a small period of 3 years in the 2 & tier 3 cities of India.

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