Unveiling the Gems: Jaisalmer’s Best Taxi Services by Jaisal Tours

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The Golden City of India, Jaisalmer, popular for yellow sandstone, has a wide range of gems. Well, some of these are hidden gems which are why you would get to explore them the best only with the help of locals.

The local taxi services in Jaisalmer can let you explore. Jaisal Tours offers the best taxi service in Jaisalmer, letting you explore the place at its best. But how do they match up to comfort standards? Continue reading to find out.

Exploring Jaisalmer in Comfort and Style with Jaisal Taxi Services

If you want to explore Jaisalmer at its best, it is advisable to opt for taxi services. The taxi services are comfortable and provide safety as well. This becomes even more convenient when you book the taxi services in advance. Once you plan your trip to Jaisalmer, consider booking it in advance.

The taxis are spacious and comfortable. Moreover, most of these taxis are luxurious, premium vehicles with ACs. So, even when the temperature is hot in Jaisalmer, you can always expect a pleasant atmosphere. Many of these taxi services provide chauffeured services. So, you can expect complete professionalism.

Taxi Services Available in Jaisalmer

If you plan to go around Jaisalmer comfortably, the taxi services are the most preferred. They provide convenience and comfort. The best part about these taxi services in Jaisalmer is that you can choose various services.

These professional taxi services in Jaisalmer provide a wide range of vehicles. Depending on the number of people traveling and the kind of comfort you’re looking for, you can make a choice. You should research the pricing of these vehicles before making a choice.

Below are some of the most prominent vehicles you will find when you’re in Jaisalmer for taxi services:

Toyota Innova

Toyota Innova is one of the most luxurious vehicles in Jaisalmer. With a seating capacity of seven to eight people, the Toyota Innova features a boot capacity of 300 L. When you want to explore Jaisalmer’s beauty in comfort; you should consider choosing Toyota Innova.

The car features a 2393 cc engine providing a mileage of 16-23 km/L. Toyota Innova can be a smart choice if you’re looking for a day-long trip around Jaisalmer. This car can also be useful if you plan to go out of Jaisalmer for a day and return. The average price of Toyota Innova currently stands at approximately Rs 26 lakhs.

Toyota Etios

Another very premium vehicle to go around exploring Jaisalmer is the Toyota Etios. The car features a seating capacity of 5 people. This sedan is ultra luxurious and very comfortable. Toyota Etios has a boot capacity of 500 L.

With an engine capacity of approximately 1500 cc, Toyota Etios provides up to 17 km/L mileage. If you want a single-day trip to Jaisalmer to explore some popular destinations, Toyota Etios can be a smart choice.


Tavera can be a great choice if you’re a big group of people. Tavera has a seating capacity of 5-10 people. Therefore, consider this for ease and comfort of travelling. This SUV has an engine capacity of 1900-2500 cc.

Unlike many vehicles, Tavera provides a mileage of approximately 15 km/L. Therefore, you can prefer Tavera for shorter day trips to Jaisalmer. The average price of a Tavera is approximately Rs 11 Lakh.

Swift Dzire

Swift Dzire is one of Jaisalmer’s most popular vehicles for shorter trips. If you want to cover the major tourist destinations of Jaisalmer in a day, you should consider renting a Swift Dzire. Swift Dzire is a comparatively smaller vehicle proving to be the most efficient for five people.

With an overall cargo volume of around 650 L, Swift Dzire does provide the convenience of fast and smooth travel. There are different versions of Swift Dzire. Hence, the different prices. Swift Dzire has a very high efficiency and a very smooth petrol engine. Considering all the variants of Swift Dzire, the price is around Rs 9 Lakhs.

Tata Indigo

Another very popular sedan for shorter day travels in Jaisalmer is Tata Indigo. The engine capacity of Tata Indigo is around 1396 cc, and a boot space of 380 L. Running in diesel, the Tata Indigo is one of those vehicles that provides a mileage of 25 km/L.

Tata Indigo is a five-seater. So, if you’re a smaller group, consider renting Tata Indigo. Compared to other sedans, Tata Indigo provides around 40% better mileage. The average on-road price of Tata Indigo is around Rs 6 lakhs. 


Taxis are often considered to be the best mode of travelling in Jaisalmer. Booking a taxi in Jaisalmer provides the comfort and ease of moving around. Moreover, it is safer when you don’t know the place. The taxi services in Jaisalmer will take you around, letting you explore some of the best places at an affordable rate.

However, it is advisable to research and hire only the best taxi service providers in Jaisalmer. Jaisal Tours has some of the best solutions for a very affordable rate and convenient travelling. So, contact Jaisal Tours to know more.

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