Mr. Jay Rathod, Founder, Koffeetech Communication

Jay Rathod-Founder-Koffeetech Communication

Mr. Jay Rathod, Founder, Koffeetech Communication

Jay Rathod, is an ardent marketeer with the digital medium as his arsenal with decade-long corporate business management and entrepreneurship experience.

Spearheading the  operations of his passion project turned entrepreneurial venture – Koffeetech Communication, Jay doubles as a chief strategist, mentor, and business development lead for the brand. An avid digital marketer, he is the brains behind a plethora of successful result-driven digital  campaigns.

Hailing from a business lineage himself, Jay foresaw the disruption the digital marketing  industry was set to create and decided to pursue a career in this booming industry turning a  computer engineer into a self-taught marketing maven with no formal education in the subject. 

A career trajectory that was no short of a rollercoaster, Jay and the brand emerged victorious  by being the trusted choice for 100+ clients in India and international markets.

Servicing a client  with website development at the early age of 16 and managing to retain the client to date is a  testament to Jay’s work, credibility, and deep-seated love for digital marketing.  

Innovation and a result-driven approach being the mantras that Jay lives by have been imbibed  in the ethos of Koffeetech since its inception.

With a successful and overwhelming course along  with the ever-growing clients, division, and employees, the company plans to conquer the  international market expanding the client base with a strategic focus on the Middle East.

With  client satisfaction at the core of his business with an appetite for exceeding the drawn  expectations navigated through a strategic plan of action, sets Jay and Koffeetech aside in a sea  of digital agencies in the city. 

A validation of his skills, Jay has won many prestigious awards such as Top 10 android  developers in India by TCS in 2013, Top 10 Startups of the Year in 2019 by Silicon India  Magazine, MSME 5000 Awards 2020, Career Guide Speaker in educational institutes for Digital  Marketing.

A keen reader and a travel junkie, Jay keeps up with the dynamic nature of the digital world  striving to be an early adopter of new trends.  

Koffeetech Communications

Koffeetech Communications is an award-winning digital marketing agency and  an enabler for brands to achieve their marketing.

Hailing from Mumbai and  Established in the year 2017 by Mr. Jay Rathod and Mrs. Parita Rathod,  Koffeetech serves as a one-point solution for all your digital marketing needs,  requirements, and queries.

The company offers services for customers across  categories from Public Relations, Digital Marketing, and Web Design to  Branding.

Being passionate about crafting digital experiences that makes an  impact gives Koffeetech an edge above others. 

Koffeetech specializes in creating easy-to-use digital solutions; assisting brands  and designing effective social media marketing campaigns that provoke imagination, and emotion and drive a significant transformation for the brand. 

The team believes that every brand is unique in its own way, which pushes them  to deliver tailor-made solutions at the highest levels of creativity and execution. 

With expertise in marketing and advertising, Koffeetech exhibits out-of-the-box opportunities to promote the brand, contributing to the success of the business.

From brand awareness to lead generation, Koffeetech Communications  develops global campaigns that transform how buyers think and incite them to  action.

A dedicated team with innovation at heart to deliver value and goal based services, Koffeetech strives for complete client satisfaction.

Mr. Jay Rathod, Founder of Koffeetech Communication says, “I believe in  working as an extension and not as a service provider to the client.

Every project  is approached with an innovative mindset, and we utilize numerous tools to  create engaging trends to promote the brands.

Over the years Koffeetech has  come a long way and has carved a niche in the industry for itself. The company  is known for its overall strategy and has been recognised with awards for such  brand initiatives”

Driven by its core values on commitment and trust; Koffeetech writes a success  story for itself. With a very strong clientele base developed in India, the brand is  an ideal solution for all digital needs. 

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