Interview with Jayant Surana, Co-founder of PlayAll Sports, Sports infrastructure Development Company

Jayant Surana

An exclusive interview with Jayant Surana, Co-founder of PlayAll, India’s leading sports infrastructure Development and Management company

Welcome to an insightful glimpse into the world of sports infrastructure development and management in India, as we sit down for an exclusive interview with Jayant Surana, the Co-founder of PlayAll. As the driving force behind India’s premier sports infrastructure company, Jayant Surana has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of sports facilities across the nation. With a passion for sports and a vision for top-notch facilities, he has led PlayAll to the forefront of the industry.

In this interview, we delve into his journey, the challenges faced, the triumphs achieved, and the future he envisions for sports in India. Join us as we uncover the story behind PlayAll’s remarkable success and Jayant Surana’s vision for a healthier, more active nation.

Can you provide a brief overview of PlayAll Sport and its mission in the field of sports infrastructure development and management?

Jayant Surana: PlayAll Sports primarily focuses on sports infrastructure development and management. PlayAll builds and operates sports complexes, concentrating on sports such as Badminton, Box-Cricket, Swimming, Futsal, and Pickle Ball.

With a clear vision for the future, we aim to transform PlayAll Sports into the premier sports infrastructure management company in India within the next five years. We aspire to make PlayAll synonymous with top-notch service and best-in-class infrastructure.

Our strategic roadmap includes expanding our footprint across schools in Delhi NCR & North India, diversifying our sports offerings by adding swimming and pickleball, and focusing on project-level fundraising for targeted expansion.

What inspired you to start PlayAll Sport? Could you share the story behind its inception?

Jayant Surana: Vishal’s time at Sportido illuminated a distinct and motivating path for our forthcoming undertakings. We witnessed a substantial desire from numerous users in search of appropriate venues for recreational activities, despite the scarcity of such spaces.

This recognition kindled my long-standing entrepreneurial drive. Encouraged by this insight, we identified a chance to establish a lucrative and expandable enterprise that brings benefits to the community, property owners, and investors. 

Kindly brief us about your company, its specialization, and the services that it offers.

Jayant Surana: Operating within the sports industry, PlayAll Sports specializes in the development and management of sports infrastructure. Our core focus revolves around constructing and running sports complexes that cater to different sports, including Badminton, Box-Cricket, Swimming, Futsal, and Pickleball.

These facilities enable us to serve a variety of customers, ranging from young adults to professionals aged between 16-80 and provide parents with sports coaching for their kids, and even helps executives in planning corporate sports events.

So, by finding right location and developing good sports infra while using capital efficiently and having the professional team and leveraging tech by our side, PlayAll is able to provide best-in-class services to customer.

Our goal is to provide a platform where everyone regardless of their age or their aim can engage in sports at their own terms and schedule, be it recreationally or professionally.

Developing and managing sports infrastructure involves a diverse range of challenges. What are some of the key challenges your company has encountered and how have you overcome them?

Jayant Surana: Absolutely, developing and managing sports infrastructure indeed presents many challenges. In the journey of PlayAll, we’ve also come across our fair share of obstacles.

One of the key challenges we’ve faced is the shortage of available land for sports facilities. It’s a serious concern, especially in densely populated urban areas.

Another significant obstacle we’ve faced is there is too much focus only on international sports events. People today just focuses on winning trophies but they often ignore the ability of sports to improve fitness or don’t want to play sport for recreational purposes.

While we understand that international events and winning trophies are important but along with it, we also want to encourage more people to participate in sports for fun and fitness purposes.

So, keeping these challenges in mind, PlayAll Sports is equipped and ready to overcome these hurdles and emerge as a front-runner in revolutionizing the sports infrastructure landscape in India.

PlayAll Sport is known for its innovative approach to designing sports facilities. Could you share some examples of unique design concepts you’ve implemented and their impact on the user experience?

Jayant Surana: PlayAll Sports Complex in Faridabad showcases pioneering sports facility design by converting an old factory into seven indoor badminton courts and transforming loading areas into zones for futsal, box cricket, and skating. This ingenious approach has propelled it to become Faridabad’s top-rated sports facility, boasting unmatched occupancy rates.

The complex not only revitalized a forgotten space but also elevated the sports experience for the community. It stands as a remarkable example of how innovative design can breathe new life into structures, fostering a vibrant hub for sports enthusiasts.

The PlayAll Sports Complex Faridabad exemplifies the fusion of creativity and functionality, inspiring other facilities to rethink and repurpose spaces creatively to meet the diverse needs of athletes and sports lovers.

In what ways does PlayAll Sport contribute to promoting and encouraging sports at the grassroots level? Are there any notable community engagement initiatives you’d like to highlight?

Jayant Surana: PlayAll Sport is a fervent advocate for grassroots sports, engaging the community through a diverse range of initiatives:

  1. Pick Up Games: Regular pick-up game sessions are hosted, inviting individuals of all ages and skill levels to partake in spontaneous matches. These informal games nurture a love for sports and provide an inclusive space for staying active.
  2. Society Events: Collaborative events with local societies unite neighbors through sports, promoting physical well-being and fostering strong community ties.
  3. Scholarship Programs: In pursuit of inclusivity, the complex extends scholarships to talented underprivileged individuals. This empowers deserving athletes with access to premium facilities and training, enabling them to pursue their sporting aspirations.
  4. School Collaborations: PlayAll Sport partners with schools not only to integrate sports into education but also to develop sports infrastructure on school premises. This holistic approach enriches the school’s sporting ecosystem, encouraging students to engage actively in physical pursuits.

Through these initiatives, PlayAll Sport not only ignites a passion for sports at the grassroots level but also ensures accessibility, engagement, and meaningful impact for all community members.

The sports Industry is constantly evolving, incorporating new technologies and trends. How does PlayAll Sport stay up-to-date with these changes and ensure your facilities remain state-of-the-art?

Jayant Surana: PlayAll Sport remains at the forefront of the dynamic sports industry by actively engaging in continuous research and embracing new technologies and trends. Here’s how we ensure our facilities stay state-of-the-art:

  1. Continuous Research: We immerse ourselves in research to monitor industry developments, emerging technologies, and evolving trends. This knowledge forms the foundation for our facility enhancements and adaptations.
  2. Feedback and Surveys: Regularly seeking input from our users allows us to understand their changing preferences and needs. This valuable insight guides our decisions for facility upgrades and updates.
  3. New Game Incorporation: We’re committed to introducing new and exciting sports experiences. For instance, we’ve recently added pickleball to our venues, offering users a chance to enjoy a trending and engaging activity.
  4. Tech Integration: Our commitment to technology is evident in our unique in-house ERP system, which efficiently manages operations. This system is integrated with major booking aggregators, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  5. Staff Training: Ongoing training ensures our staff are well-versed in the latest technologies and trends, providing users with expert assistance and support.
  6. Community Engagement: Engaging with our community helps us comprehend their preferences, enabling us to tailor our facilities to match their desires effectively.

By dedicating ourselves to research and innovation, PlayAll Sport maintains contemporary, engaging facilities that align with the ever-evolving sports industry landscape.

Developing sports infrastructure requires a deep understanding of various sports and their specific requirements. How does PlayAll Sport ensure that the facilities you design cater to a wide range of sports and activities?

Jayant Surana: We focus heavily on training and development, as a result we have a high employee retention with lots of people completing 5-4 years, means they have been with us from starting and hence they have a deep understanding of various sports and their specific requirements which helps us to ensure that our facilities cater to a wide range of sports.

Also, on coaching front we partner with the top coaches, which helps us in providing better and nuanced services to our customers in every way possible.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in entering the field or making a difference in sports-related industries?

Jayant Surana: For aspiring sports entrepreneurs:

  1. Begin with passion and purpose, fueled by genuine enthusiasm.
  2. Identify industry gaps and innovate to fill unmet needs.
  3. Prioritize a user-centric approach, understanding your audience deeply.
  4. Stay updated on trends and embrace technological innovations.
  5. Build resilience to navigate challenges and failures with determination.
  6. Craft a compelling brand, collaborate, and sustainably impact the industry.
  7. Grasp the ground situation, allocate resources wisely, and maintain a financial cushion.
  8. Dedicate time to interacting with customers for valuable insights and relationships.

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Jayant Surana: Here are succinct success tips for young entrepreneurs:

  1. Follow your passion and purpose.
  2. Stay open to learning and adaptability.
  3. Prioritize customer needs and feedback.
  4. Embrace innovation and calculated risks.
  5. Build a strong network of mentors and peers.
  6. Maintain a healthy work-life balance and stay humble.

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