Success Story of Jaydeep Barman, Founder of Faasos, The Biggest Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Company in India

Jaydeep Barman Faasos

Success Story of Jaydeep Barman, Founder of Faasos, The Biggest Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Company in India

Jaydeep Barman is the founder of Faasos, a cloud kitchen restaurant company that has quickly taken off in India. In this success story, we learn about Jaydeep’s journey from starting out as a struggling restaurateur to now being one of the country’s top chefs.

How Jaydeep Barman Began Faasos

Jaydeep grew up in a family of restaurateurs. His father was a restaurateur and his uncle was also a restaurateur. After graduating from college, Jaydeep decided to start his own business.

He wasn’t sure what kind of business to start, but he knew that he wanted to create something that would be meaningful and impactful.

After some research, he realized that the cloud was the perfect platform for him to start his business. The cloud allowed him to operate his business without any upfront costs and without having to worry about infrastructure or staffing requirements.

Jaydeep Barman began by creating a website for his business. He used the cloud to create an online reservation system and an online menu system. He also created an online store so that customers could purchase items from his restaurant menu.

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Faaso’s was started by 2 friends Jaydeep Barman and Kallol Banerjee, Fasso’s  is a made in India brand which was made and brought up in the country itself , and now has become the most popular and loved fast food brand in the country wide.

After completing his higher education from Kolkata, he completed his engineering degree from Kolkata itself, he then moved to Luck now for MBA he completed his MBA from IIM Lucknow.

The journey towards his success actually started when he completed his MBA, after completion of MBA in Lucknow.


He decided to shift Pune to start his career, he started working as new vice president at Brain visa technologies, Brain visa being an startup he got to learn lot of new things from his work experience.

He worked as the vice president at the company for the next 3 years and then after resigning from his post he started his own company with his friend named it as “Faasos” , while working together on their business Jaydeep Barman started working at Maximize learning as a new VP in year 2004.

After working for the business till the business stabilized they handed over their business to someone else temporal and went to France to complete a management course.

While working for his 1st job he was busy doing something of his own, he always believed that he was supposed to do something more extraordinary than what he was doing then?

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While traveling to other countries they realized that food is something of concern, people always want something very tasty, homely food and most importantly an easy way to pay for the food they eat, their initial idea was simple as it was based on “Kathi rolls” which was the typical food of Kolkata.

They then started their business by investing 8 lakhs of rupees some from their own saving, some from family, friends and then in2004 “Faaso’s” was inaugurated initially as a part time business.

Faasos Revenues, Locations and Line Of Business

The Faasos Cloud Kitchen Restaurant Company is one of the most successful businesses in India. The company now operates across 7 cities in India and has generated revenues of more than $5 million in 2017.

The idea behind the business was simple – to bring the best of Indian cuisine to people living in cities where traditional restaurants were not easily accessible.

The company quickly gained popularity and grew to operate in 7 cities across India by 2016. That year, Faasos also raised $1 million in Series A funding from investors including Matrix Partners India and Sequoia Capital India.

Since then, Faasos has continued to grow rapidly. In 2017, the company reported revenues of over $5 million and plans to expand even further in 2018.

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The reason for its success? Faasos offers delicious food that is both unique and convenient – perfect for people who don’t have time to spend hours waiting for a table at a traditional restaurant.

Jaydeep Barman’s Advice For Startups

Jaydeep Barman shared his success story of how he started and grew Faasos from a small startup to one of the leading cloud kitchen restaurant companies in India.

According to Jaydeep Barman, starting a business is all about taking calculated risks and being passionate about your idea. He advises entrepreneurs to always be open to feedback and to stay focused on their goals.

Jaydeep also shared some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a business in India. He noted that it is important to have a clear understanding of what you want your business to accomplish and to focus on building a strong team that can help you achieve your goals.

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Now Faasos is one of the leading food brands in the country, now they are able to tie up with various chiefs in Mumbai and Pune to provide delicious cuisine, the company has more than 90 offline outlets and 120 fulfillment centers which are all achieved in a span of 3 little years.

Today the company is able to take 10,000 orders a day and 80,000 orders from their website. This is what true success can be called, an employee working in a company can also be a successful entrepreneur. Jaydeep Barman is a real inspiration to all of us.

Faasos offers a unique experience to diners who want to cook their own food at home, but with the convenience and quality of a restaurant.

Faasos has over 300 restaurants in 19 countries and is on track to open over 1,000 restaurants by 2020. Jaydeep’s story is an inspiring tale of how he built a successful business from scratch using the power of the cloud.

Jaydeep Barman’s entrepreneurial journey from restaurant owner to entrepreneur was not always easy. He began his career as a waiter in a high-end Mumbai restaurant before founding Faasos. It was a challenging start, but Jaydeep Barman was determined to make Faasos a success.

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He worked hard to build a strong team of talented employees and produce high-quality food that diners would love.


Today, Faasos is one of India’s leading cloud kitchen restaurants, and Jaydeep continues to lead the company forward with his vision for making cooking at home easier and more convenient.

Jaydeep’s simple business model – deliver fresh, quality food to customers through an online ordering platform – has proven to be a hit with diners.

In addition to its successful online presence, Faasos also operates a brick-and-mortar outlet in Bangalore.

The company is on track to achieve significant growth in the coming years, and Jaydeep is poised to lead it forward.

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