Jio-BP Launches Premium Diesel at Rs. 1 Lower Price than PSUs


JIO-BP offers higher quality diesel at one rupee cheaper per liter than the standard diesel supplied by PSUs

Mumbai, May 17, 2023: Jio-BP, a joint venture between Reliance Industries Limited and British Petroleum, has introduced a new premium diesel fuel that is priced Rs. 1 cheaper than fuels offered by Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs).

This move aims to provide cost-effective options to consumers while maintaining high fuel quality standards.

The newly launched premium diesel by Jio-BP offers superior engine performance, enhanced mileage, and reduced emissions.

With a commitment to meeting customer demands, Jio-BP has strategically priced its premium diesel at a competitive rate, providing a valuable alternative to consumers.

By offering a Rs. 1 lower price compared to PSUs, Jio-BP aims to attract a significant customer base seeking affordable yet high-quality fuel options.

The company’s focus on delivering a superior product combined with cost savings will likely contribute to increased adoption of Jio-BP premium diesel in the market.

Jio-BP’s entry into the diesel segment has sparked anticipation among consumers and industry experts. This development is expected to stimulate competition in the fuel market, encouraging other players to reconsider their pricing strategies and product offerings.

Jio-BP is committed to leveraging its extensive infrastructure and technological expertise to ensure a seamless supply chain and availability of premium diesel across its network of retail outlets.

The company aims to establish a strong market presence by prioritizing customer satisfaction and convenience.

With the introduction of their competitively priced premium diesel, Jio-BP is poised to revolutionize the fuel industry by combining affordability with quality.

This move aligns with the company’s vision of driving progress and meeting the evolving needs of Indian consumers.

About Jio-BP:

Jio-BP is a leading joint venture between Reliance Industries Limited and British Petroleum. The company operates an extensive network of retail outlets across India, providing a wide range of fuel and energy solutions to consumers.

With a strong emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, Jio-BP strives to set new benchmarks in the fuel industry.

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