Journey of a Constable to Deputy Collector: A Tale of Determination and Perseverance

Deepak Singh

Early Life and Career

Deepak Singh, a resident of Barabanki district in Uttar Pradesh, embarked on a remarkable journey from a farming background to the esteemed position of Deputy Collector. Despite financial constraints, he joined the Uttar Pradesh Police as a constable in 2018.

Inspiration and Motivation

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Singh was deeply moved by the dedication and compassion of his fellow officers. This experience ignited a fire within him, inspiring him to pursue his dream of serving the nation in a broader capacity.

Preparation Amidst Duty

Balancing his police responsibilities with his aspirations for civil services presented significant challenges. Singh utilized every spare moment for studying, taking advantage of duty shifts and the police library in Hardoi district.

Strategy for UPSC and UPPCS

For UPSC preparation, Singh emphasized Previous Year Questions (PYQs) and honed his answer writing skills. In the absence of optional papers in the revised (Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission) UPPCS syllabus, he leveraged his Hindi medium background and focused on general studies.

Importance of Answer Writing

Recognizing the significance of answer writing, Singh penned over 1000 answers during his preparation. He prioritized clarity, conciseness, and incorporating current events into his responses.

Mains Examination

To enhance the presentation of his Mains answers, Singh abandoned paragraphs in favor of bullet points and diagrams. He practiced writing maps in a matter of minutes.

Interview Preparation

Singh meticulously prepared for the interview by analyzing recent social issues and their administrative implications. He also developed his own perspectives on these matters.

Maintaining Motivation

Throughout his journey, Singh drew motivation from his family and the desire to improve his socioeconomic status. He sought guidance from mentors who had overcome similar challenges.

Overcoming Challenges

Singh’s preparation was not without its obstacles. In July 2022, anxiety and depression brought on by family issues threatened to derail his progress. However, he sought professional counseling to overcome these difficulties.

Exam Day and Result

On the day of the exam, Singh’s nerves were tested, but he maintained his focus. When the results were announced on January 23rd, he was overjoyed to learn of his rank as 20th in the Deputy Collector position. If you are looking for coaching for civil services then Chahal Academy can prove to be a better option for you.

Impact on Community

Singh’s success has brought immense pride and recognition to his village. It has ignited the aspirations of other individuals, regardless of their circumstances, to pursue their dreams.

Advice for Aspirants

For aspiring civil servants, Singh emphasizes the importance of:

  • Finding their own motivation
  • Setting realistic goals and working consistently towards them
  • Embracing answer writing and practicing it diligently
  • Staying informed about current affairs and developing a comprehensive understanding of the syllabus
  • Seeking support from family and mentors
  • Never relinquishing their dreams, despite the obstacles they may encounter

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