Juicing Vs Blending: Everything you need to know about it

Juicer - Blender

Everyone looks for versatility when buying any appliances to make juice or cocktail. But there are fewer products that can perform a variety of tasks quickly.

In that case, these products not only save your space in the bar but also offer you making various types of cocktails. 

Normal juicers are good for making lemon-based cocktails like Midori Sour or 7 and 7. But they are not that helpful to make non-citrus cocktails like Pisco Punch.

On the other hand, blending is required to make smoothies and some cocktails, for which citrus juicers are not suitable. 

Because of this reason, you might be looking for an appliance that can perform both juicing and blending, so that, you can prepare multiple drinks with a single appliance.

First let us know the different performance and application of juicer and blender along with the pros and cons of juicing and blending.

What does a juicer do?

Juicer or juice extractor helps in extracting the juice from different fruits, herbs, vegetables etc. It can crush, grind and squeeze juice without retaining the pulp. Juicers have gained popularity for their amazing benefits and convenience. There are four types of juicers available in the market-

  • Centrifugal Juicer
  • Citrus Juicer
  • Hand Press Juicer
  • Cold Press Juicer

Benefits of juicing

  • Consuming fruit juices provides your body with some of the most important vitamins and minerals that are missing from your diet. 
  • Vitamin B is responsible for increasing energy. Juicing is one of the fastest and healthiest ways to consume more vitamin B.
  • Juice cleanses the body and gives a start to the system.  It contains anti-inflammatory properties that relieve any type of inflammation in the body. 
  • The best cold press juicers retain the nutrients present in the fruits making the juice healthier for consumption.
  • Daily intake of fresh juice mixed with cocktails makes the body cells clearer and healthier. So, naturally, you will have a healthy glow on your skin and a better mood. 

Limitations of juicing

  • Lots of pulps are wasted during juicing reducing the fiber content.
  • Without the fiber, human body absorbs the fructose more easily, which can be a problem if you have high blood sugar.
  • Juicers like a cold press juicer is quite expensive.

What does a blender do?

Through the process of blending, you will get a smooth puree of drink. It blends the ingredients with its fine blade and makes out as a thick smoothie. You can only extract the juice when using a juicer whereas the blender gives you puree for the whole food. 

Benefits of Blending

  • The fiber contents of the food remain intact in the blended food. It regulates the digestive systems and lowers the risk of chronic diseases.
  • By eating the smooth purees of any food, your body won’t have to work much for breaking down the foods. In that case, the body can extract the nutrition from the food immediately. 
  • Blending is a time-saving process. You just need to press a button to make it work. 
  • Through the blended purees, you are taking food in a large quantity that pressurizes the intestine and keeps it clean. 

Limitations of Blending

  • Not suitable for juicing fruits.
  • The price of a good blender can drill a big hole in your pocket. 

Comparison of Juicing and Blending

The juicer and blender both perform different tasks in the kitchen. You cannot use one instead of the others. However, purchasing the right one depends on your needs.

Here are the differences between juicer and blender will show you the actual reason why you cannot use juicer instead of blender:

Purpose of Using

Whether you should use a juicer or blender it all depends on your need. You can use the blenders to make smoothies, milkshakes, soup and for dressing the salad.

But the juicer can only provide you with juice. So, if you want to use it for cooking purposes, then a blender can work better.

But if you are using it for making healthy snacks, then a juicer can be the right option. However, if you prefer to have smoothies for your snack time, then the blender can be a saver for you. 

Different Mode of Operation

The blenders come with different setting that can help you to keep control over the texture of the food, size, the food. Whether you are chopping, making puree, the blender can provide you control over the outcome of the food.

But the juicer can only extract the juice from the food but it cannot make a puree or drink. However, you cannot chop or blend using the juicer. The blades of the juicer are specially made to extract the juice rather than blending or chopping or mixing. 

Nutrient concentration

 If you want to lose weight then the juicer cannot help you. In that case, the blender is the choice as it contains fiber that makes you feel for a long time.

On the other hand, the juice is fast absorbing and it will not control your appetite. Apart from that, the juice contains a high sugar concentration as you only extract the juice from the whole food.

But in the blended puree, the sugar concentration gets adjusted with its quantity. There is a lot of differences between juicer and blender and their outcome.

Different Blades for Juicing and Blending

The blender performs different jobs with its variety of blades. These blades are specially made for different uses inside of the blender.

While some blades are given there for meat, rice or bread items, the others are here to chop large food pieces or to make smooth purees.

For the juicer, extracting juice should be the only purpose. These blades can only extract the juice. From a juicer, only you can expect the food to be finely broken or pulverized. 


The blender and juicer both provide delicious and tasty food. But they do it in different ways. However, you can use the juicer as a blender for only a limited capacity.

In case there is no way left for you and you have only the juicer to help you, then you can try. But don’t expect the same result that the blender could do.

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But if you need a blender for casual cooking, then you should not use the juicer instead if. As a result, you will only be disappointed.