Kabbish Founder Parul Agrawal’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Azamgarh Ki Narishakti!

Entrepreneurial journey of Parul Agrawal whose jewelry brand Kabbish champions for the cause of Indian handicraft, culture and heritage.

Azamgarh born Jewelry designer Parul Agrawal’s entrepreneurial journey is inspirational as in just 3 years she successfully created an impressionable footprint of her work amongst her peers.

Right from an early age, Parul was clear that she didn’t want to get into regular employment or service; she had an itch to do something different!

Her entrepreneurial seeds were sown during an interim project when graduating and specializing in Ceramics and Glass from Indian Institute of Craft and Design in Jaipur, the only one in India.

Parul found her independence cue in pursuing a mission of ‘Entrepreneurship with a purpose’ when spending time in Nizamabad wherein she realized that the local Pottery going back generations had a story to tell, hence a lot of potential.

In time her team’s subsequent efforts uncovered Jewelry brand – Kabbish in 2018 which championed to highlight Indian handicraft heritage and culture.

Kabbish’s success could be attributed to the fine seamless amalgamation of procured pottery from Nizamabad and jewelry done at Azamgarh.

Furthermore, the finished products are listed live in key multi-design retail/offline stores and Kabbish’s own website for sale.

Over a coffee conversation with Parul over her journey and continual work ethic, she voices with pride “P for Parul, and I also take it for my Passion, Perfection and Patience in the work I do!

I find great joy in it and have been blessed abundantly. She further echoes that all her hard work done during initial years has reaped compounded rewards in time.”

She further voices to other young aspirational entrepreneurs that if you have positive thought or aspiration even if it’s as small as a seed, pls.

Go ahead and sow it and then persevere – the answers do come sooner or later! Parul asserts especially for bootlegged entrepreneurship, one learns crucial lessons along the way and there is no single silver arrow success story for sure success, though we can learn from others!

Parul has been the recipient of many awards not only for her brand Kabbish but also for herself as a young woman being awarded the Narishakti award by district of Azamgarh.

Kabbish as a brand won India’s best design project award for the year 2020, and her crowning achievement was when she participated at Lakme Fashion Week and came out in flying colors.  

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A chance interaction with entrepreneurs / designers like Parul Agrawal is one of a rarity and a pleasure indeed;brimming with positive energy they make each day count to crystallize their dreams and do not mind dancing in the rain to get the job done