Interview: Mr Kabir Karan, Entrepreneur & Director of KARAN & MOIN


Interview with Mr Kabir Karan, Director, KARAN & MOIN

Kabir Karan, a young fashion enthusiast, took on the reigns to spearhead the Celebration Wear line of
offerings from KARAN MOIN, a Delhi-based bespoke luxury menswear label, as Director.

With 30 years of legacy, K&M excels in flawless bespoke tailoring and power dressing.
With his passion for design and style, Kabir ventured to add to the offerings with celebration wear and
wardrobe consulting.

His vision aligns with that of the company to make K&M the label of choice In India and Overseas when it comes to men’s fashion.

A second generation in the family business, Kabir, with his “customer first” approach, has radically changed how the company reaches out and engages with its customers.

A digital media propagator, he has fired up all channels, making it easier for customers across the country to reach them.

Graduate from Sri Venkateswara College, Kabir is a people person. His excellent interpersonal skills, coupled with his problem-solving approach, make him a great team leader.

Extrovert & sociable, Kabir is good at building and nurturing lasting relationships with staff and peers in his industry. On the personal front, he is an avid reader and loves to play basketball, football & chess.

Can you tell us about your background and how you got interested in fashion, particularly in men’s luxury wear? 

Kabir Karan: My dad and uncle had started a bespoke menswear label, Karan & Moin. While enthralled by the magic my uncle could create, moulding the fabric to the perfect style through his cuts, designing and styling hooked me.

Since childhood, I spent most of my free time at our studio; in fact, that was the only way I could spend any time with either of them.

I would follow my dad through the studio, listening in as he visualized styles and designs and adapting them to the Customer’s profile to become his. Early on, I knew this was not just a passing fascination but a passion I wanted to pursue.

How does your brand differentiate itself from other luxury wear brands in the market?

Kabir Karan: Karan & Moin, defined by its flawless, 30-year heritage of customization across genres like Bespoke, made to measure & floating canvas that ensures your wardrobe doesn’t just fit you but syncs to your body language, making the style you don yours

What inspired you to start your own men’s luxury wear brand? 

Kabir Karan: The desire to have the freedom to experiment with fabric and designing without the lens or filter of your supervisor or living the goals of another individual motivated my father Karan and uncle Moin to start an outfit of their own.

My dad was confident that with his design vision and Moin’s expertise in fabric craftsmanship, they could not go wrong, and K&M came to be.

Can you describe your brand’s current product offerings and target market? 

Kabir Karan: We continue to be true to our roots and offer flawless, Bespoke, made to measure & floating canvas that ensures your wardrobe doesn’t just fit you but syncs to your body language.

We have added a lineup for Corporate dressing and Celebration wear. We also offer wardrobe consulting that enables our customers to assemble a wardrobe that can be exhaustively used and lasts, helping reduce the use and throw damage that clothes do to the environment. 

How does your brand approach the design and manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality products?

Kabir Karan: Moin is a master in garment construction, and Karan is a stylist and designer to the core. Moin brings Karan’s designs to life; the duo work in perfect harmony to create magic in fabric.

No matter the body shape the Customer supports, the fashion becomes him once he puts on a K&M outfit.

To ensure consistent quality, we have instituted checks at every stage of the process. All staff is imparted thorough training across the functions, and the same is reiterated over time to ensure it is well ingrained. We are blessed with a low attrition rate that helps us cement the training. 

The staff engaged in fabric construction are trained personally by Mr Moin, while both Mr Karan and Mr Moin train the Customer facing team to ensure quality delivery and a delightful customer experience. 

Can you tell us about any collaborations or partnerships your brand has been a part of, and how they have impacted the brand?

Kabir Karan: K&M has been beckoned to be designers for many a who’s who of the country over the years. One collaboration that we were invited for was being the wardrobe designer and consultant for the Delhi Daredevils for 6 straight years.

How does your brand incorporate sustainability and ethical practices in its production process?

Kabir Karan: We craft clothes for slow fashion. With wardrobe consulting, we can guide our customers on styling their clothes so as not to tire of them or support the same look every time.

We source genuine fabric directly from the supplier and scout for and recommend a fabric with minimal synthetic yarn.

With a customer-first approach, customer satisfaction is paramount at K&M; hence we insist on at least one trial of the outfit while in construction to ensure to deliver as per our promise of making fashion yours.

Bespoke tailoring being our primary offering, fabric wastage across our offerings is minimized.

What is your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs?

Kabir Karan: Follow your dream, back it up with conviction and lots and lots of hard work. Unlike what the news features and social media will have us believe, entrepreneurship is toil and hard work and requires having your nose to the grind.

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