Kailash Katkar: Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Quick Heal Technologies

Kailash Katkar - Founder & CEO of Quick Heal Technologies
Kailash Katkar - Founder & CEO of Quick Heal Technologies

This success story of Kailash Katkar, Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Quick Heal Technologies will inspire you.

Many of you already heard of the inspirational success story of Kailash Katkar, the School Dropout who built Quick Heal. We hope you are going to enjoy the success story.

Who is Kailash Katkar

Kailash Katkar is Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Quick Heal Technologies, the leading cyber Security Company and IT security solutions provider in India.

Quick heal Technologies is offering IT Security solutions and Anti-Virus solutions based in India.

Today, Quick heal Technologies is providing Anti-Virus solutions to the most major countries like the Middle East, the USA, Japan and many others.

Kailash Katkar Early Life

Kailash Katkar was born in 1966 to a typical Maharashtrian family in Rahmitapur, a small village in Maharashtra, and grew up in Pune.

His father worked as a machine setter at Philips India. His mother was a homemaker. His father dreamt of his son becoming an engineer. Later his family moved to Pune. Kailash Katkar has two siblings Asha and Sanjay.

Education & Career

Kailash had been a normal student who was never engaged in studying. Kailash dropped out of studies after failing in the ninth standard at Children’s Academy High School. Kailash has not any professional degree.

Supporting the family

Kailash took up a job at a local calculator and radio repair shop at a very early age to support his family financially.

Kailash started working as a calculator technician at a local radio and calculator repair shop at a monthly salary of rupees 400 per month.

Kailash started his entrepreneurial journey by repairing the radio and calculator. He started his own radio and calculator repair shop along with a capital of Rs. 15,000 from his savings in 1990.

Initially, he used to repair a lesser posting machine, computer, and many other machines. Kailash started doing computer maintenance work.

The foundation stone

Kailash encouraged his brother to study computers. Later, Sanjay, his brother finished his Bachelor in Computer Science (BCS).

Alongside Kathar began reading and began upgrading his skill-set. He started attending short-term computer courses that eventually laid the foundation for Quick Heal.

Sanjay, his younger brother came out from high school in1990 and decided to go for electronic engineering.

Sanjay Katkar completed a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) and then completed a Master of Computer Application (MCA).

During the BCA, Sanjay used to come to his computer repairing shop to practice programming language.

Kailash Katkar gave the suggestion to Sanjay to find a solution to remove viruses without formatting the hard disk. Sanjay Katkar started working real project.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Due to the high cost, people did not like to purchase antivirus software. At that time, the antivirus software sold from 10000 to 12000.

They would prefer to give their machine to a computer technician. Sanjay started researching on it.

At the time, most of the computer technicians or hardware engineers used to format computer hard drive and reinstall the DOS.

Later, Sanjay created antivirus software to remove Michelangelo viruses from the computers.

Sanjay kept developing new antivirus tools to remove other harmful viruses for his own firm CAT Computer Services.

That was his first step to his entrepreneurial journey.

What is the Story behind Quick Heal?

Kailash would visit homes and offices to find out the virus in the computer and heal it manually.

Gradually, Kailash realized that visiting all the homes and offices is going to be tedious in the coming years.

Kailash started working for their regular customers and named it ‘Quick Heal’. However, the company renamed “CAT Computer Services” to “Quick Heal Technologies” a decade back.

Kailash Katkar started installing antivirus software in his clients’ computer free of cost. He informed his customers about the antivirus software.

Kailash guided his customers to run the antivirus software to protect their computer from harmful viruses.

Later, customers were appreciating his effort and his value-added service, which was free of cost. The customers gave him advice to create antivirus software.

Quick Heal’s Foundation

His antivirus software was becoming popular. However, the main challenge was, he was not getting money on the time.

Nevertheless, Kailash Katkar had no marketing experience and do not know how to sell Antivirus software.

Therefore, he had a big challenge on how to sell antivirus software in the market.
Therefore, he started looking market expert who helps him to sell his antivirus software directly in the market.

What is Quick Heal?

Quick Heal is an IT security solutions company and antivirus software provides that develop security software for tab, Mac, PC, etc. headquartered in Pune, India.

After developing antivirus software, the CAT Computer Service centre received a name called Quick Heal Pvt Ltd.

The company sells the antivirus software and tools directly and available in the computer hardware and accessories shop.

The Growth Story of Quick Heal

First Quick Heal anti-virus was software released in 1994 for DOS. The company released its Win 3.1 version in 1995.

Quick Heal launched Windows 95 antivirus software in 1996 for Rs. 700 that was well accepted by the Indian market and cheapest among his competitors.

The company was generating a turnover of over Rs 12 lakh by 1996-97. Sanjay his brother had joined the company and worked to develop superior versions of their bestselling antivirus software.

Quick Heal became an instant hit, Thanks to its best service and affordable pricing. In 1998, Quick Heal launched its own website www.quickheal.com.

By 2002, the company saw immense growth in business and shifted to a 2,000 sq ft office in Pune for Rs. 25 lakhs and their first branch founded in Nasik in 2003.

In 2006, the company signed a deal with Microsoft Corporation. From 2007, Microsoft Corporation started selling Quick Heal anti-virus with Genuine Windows XP.

In 2010, Quick Heal received an investment by Sequoia Capital, an American private equity firm.

Today Quick Heal Technologies has more than 20 million customers across 112+ countries and more than 15000 employees. The company has transformed into a globally known brand.

The success story of Kailash Katkar is a learning curve for all entrepreneurs and upcoming start-ups.

Kailash Katkar teaches us that the mantra of sticking to one’s roots and evolving from there is still a very successful one!

Kailash Katkar is a big inspiration for all of us. Entrepreneurs who are wishing to become a successful entrepreneur, his inspirational story may encourage you to discover a unique idea.

Kailash Katkar’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing less than an inspiration. We hope you find the true inspirational success story of the Indian entrepreneurs. Sugermint wishes you all the best and wishes to emulate him on the path of success.

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