How Sister-in-law duo Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha made Mithila’s Pickles Famous across India

Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha

Success Story of Women Entrepreneur duo Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha, co-founders of Mithila’s Pickles

India is a land of diversity, and that diversity is reflected in its cuisine. One such example is the pickle. In India, you can find a pickle to suit every palate, from the fiery red chili pickle to the more mellow mango pickle.

Two sisters-in-law from the small town Darbhanga, in Mithilanchal, in Northern Bihar, Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha, decided to take their love of pickles one step further by starting their own business. Today, their company, Mithila’s Pickles, is known all over India for its delicious and unique pickles.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Kalpana Jha and her sister-in-law Uma Jha are the founders of Mithila’s Pickles, a successful pickle company based in the Indian small town Darbhanga, in Mithilanchal, in Northern Bihar.

The sisters-in-law started the company, after Kalpana’s husband suggested that she start making pickles at home to save money.

The company quickly became successful, and today sells its products all over India. In addition to pickles, Mithila’s Pickles also sells chutneys, sauces, and other condiments.

Kalpana and Uma attribute their success to their dedication to quality and their willingness to experiment with new flavors. They are always innovating, and this has helped them grow their business steadily over the years.

The sisters-in-law are proud of their Bihar roots and are happy to be able to share the flavors of their home state with the rest of India. Thanks to Kalpana and Uma, Bihar’s pickles are now famous all over the country!

The sister-in-law duo behind Mithila’s Pickles

Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha - Mithila Pickles

Mithila’s Pickles is a pickle company based in India that has become famous for its unique flavours and quality products.

The company was started by sister-in-law duo Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha, who come from the Mithila region of India.

The sisters-in-law started the company with just a few thousand rupees, and it has now grown into a successful business.

The company’s pickles are made using traditional recipes that have been passed down through the generations in their family.

Kalpana and Uma use only the freshest ingredients to make their pickles, and they do not use any artificial preservatives or flavours. This commitment to quality has helped to make Mithila’s Pickles famous all over India.

The company’s products are now available in major supermarkets and online retailers across India. Kalpana and Uma have also appeared on popular TV shows to promote their pickles.

Mithila’s Pickles is a great example of a small business that has achieved success through hard work and dedication. The sister-in-law duo behind the company have made it one of the most successful pickle businesses in India.

The making of Mithila’s Pickles

Mithila’s pickles are a big hit not just in India but also abroad. The delicious and healthy pickles are prepared by sisters-in-law Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha in their kitchen in Bihar’s Madhubani district.

The duo started making pickles about 10 years ago when they realized that there was a huge demand for good quality pickles in the market.

They source the raw materials for their pickles from local farmers and use traditional methods to prepare them.

The popularity of Mithila’s pickles has helped the sisters-in-law become financially independent. They now employ several women from their village and are helping to revive the traditional art of pickle making in Bihar.

Kalpana Jha

Talking about women empowerment and not mentioning Kalpana Jha in it would not do justice to her hardships, what does any woman think to do after her husband’s retirement?

They would probably think to take a tour with her partner who just retired from their service or to get away from all the responsibility and give the whole responsibilities to their children; this was not the case of Kalpana profession.

She always loved cooking and making pickle was her hobby and her hobby turned into her profession when her husband retired as an IAS, with full support of her husband she made it clear that she wanted to enter the pickle making business and they kicked off their business with 10 variety of pickles and now carrying forward the business with 15 types of pickles.

Initially as everyone faces some sort of difficulties in their small scale businesses she too faced it and with the clear support of her husband and her sister in law the business ran smoothly.

The success of Mithila’s Pickles

Mithila’s Pickles is a small pickle business based in the city of Darbhanga in the Indian state of Bihar. The business is run by sisters-in-law Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha.

Mithila’s Pickles was started in 2009, when Kalpana Jha’s husband gave her a pickle-making kit as a gift. Since then, the business has grown rapidly.

Today, Mithila’s Pickles produces around 200 tonnes of pickles per year, and has become one of the most popular brands of pickles in India.

The success of Mithila’s Pickles can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, the quality of the pickles is very good.

The Jha sisters use only fresh, high-quality ingredients, and their pickles are free from preservatives and artificial flavours.

Secondly, Mithila’s Pickles are very reasonably priced. The pickles are sold in small sachets that cost just Rs 100.

This makes them affordable for even the poorest consumers. Thirdly, Kalpana and Uma Jha are very good at marketing their product.

Nearly 400 to 500 Kg’s of pickle now is being prepared in their factory on a daily basis, this business of theirs helped a lot of women in their neighboring places to join them and warm money and the online stuff helped them during the Covid period to take orders.

This home grown business was started with 6 lakhs of investment and now is able to make around 15-20 lakh rupees per month.

It is heart-warming to see how two women entrepreneur duo from a small town in India have managed to make their pickle business so successful. Not only are they helping to support their families, but they are also providing employment for other women in their community.

We hope that their story inspires other women entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and pursue their passions, regardless of where they come from or what others might say. Thank you for reading!

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