Kareen Kapoor Khan is supporting an Ahmedabad-based small business, myBageecha on Instagram


Social media app Instagram partners with Kareena Kapoor Khan to support Indian small businesses.

The actor, Kareena will promote the largest online garden store, myBageecha on Instagram using branded content ads.

Kareena is supporting myBageecha, an Ahmedabad-based small business   by encouraging others also to discover and support a small business of their choice. myBageecha offers a wide Range of Indoor & Outdoor Plants, Planters & Garden Decor Items.

Archana Vohra, director, small and medium business, Facebook India said, Today, Instagram is a place for more than a billion people around the world to explore and connect with small businesses like myBageecha, and inspirational people such as Kareena Kapoor Khan.

‘The partnership with Kareena Kapoor Khan is not just a unique growth opportunity for Indian small businessesss like myBageecha but it also lends strong support for all small businesses, especially in challenging times like these.

Archana Vohra  also said that we’re thankful to Kareena Kapoor Khan for her interest in helping small businesses and Indian entrepreneurs and are confident of the business impact it’ll help deliver for myBageecha as well as for others.

The actor, Kareena Kapoor Khan uses her Instagram account to show her personal moments with family and friends.  Plants form the backdrop of many of her posts, and her love for gardening led her to discover this Ahmedabad-based myBageecha.

This partnership between Instagram Kareena is part of Instagram’s recent ‘Love Runs Deep’ campaign.

The campaign is built on the insight that Instagram is a natural home for partnerships between small businesses, Indian entrepreneurs, influencers, celebrities, and brands, a relationship that can be leveraged for business impact.

As per the Instagram app, Kareena support for myBageecha will be a vital opportunity for them to gain access to a national audience through the actor’s Instagram community.

Kareena Kapoor Khan stated  that every day I discover something new and special through Instagram and my community there.

The actor also stated that that my love for gardening led me to myBageecha, that is helping make India and its homes greener.  I’ll also be gifting my loved ones something green and beautiful this festive season.

I now have an opportunity to support myBageecha and I could not be more glad, said Kareena. Many more Indian small businesses need support and I’ve made my start.  

Saumitra Kabra, co-founder, MyBageecha said we have been using Instagram to reach its audience organically, as well as through sponsored ads. Instagram saw a growth in their revenue after setting up their Instagram account and starting advertising on the platform.

Saumitra Kabra  also said than now with this unique opportunity of a partnership with Kareena Kapoor Khan, we’re hoping to gain more visibility and reach. During COVID-19, Instagram has been instrumental in helping us connect with our customers and reach new audiences.

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Facebook has also rolled out a series of initiatives since the COVID-19  to aid the economic recovery of Indian small businesses.