Karlash Craft Sticks – Natural Wooden Popsicle Craft Sticks 6″ Length

Karlash Craft Sticks

Karlash Jumbo Craft Sticks has proven to be a game-changer in the world of creativity and imagination.

These are some perfect sturdy, multipurpose wooden sticks that can be useful in creating artifacts, beautiful DIY home decors adding an aesthetic value to your living room.

The solid construction does not splinter and is safe to use for children, and helps in enhancing their creativity.

Multipurpose features give space to little munchkins to explore their imagination and safely discover creativity.

You can also use Karlash Jumbo Craft Sticks to freeze up some healthy homemade fruit luscious popsicles in the summer, or you can name tag your potted plants as the stick won’t give out too quickly due to its robust construction. These sticks are a more environmentally friendly solution to make some beautiful art.

Benefits of Karlash Craft Sticks 

  • Its solid construction doesn’t give way for splinters and is safe to use for kids to play.
  • It boosts learning and creativity among kids and expands their horizons of imagination.
  • It has round edges and a sturdy body.
  • It is helpful for low-budget DIY home decor adding aesthetic value to your living rooms.
  • It is made of solid and reliant wood with a good 6″ length for garden stakes in your lawn.
  • It is an excellent supplement for mixing stuff like epoxy and resin.
  • It acts as wooden spatulas for applying soft wax for face and body hair removal.
  • It has multifunctional purposes.
  • It is a very innovative product.
  • It is an environment-friendly product.

Karlash Craft Sticks Specifications

  • The product package dimensions are 15.24 x 10.16 x 3.81 Centimeters.
  • The number of puzzle pieces in the package is 100.
  • The product weight is 249 Grams.
  • It has 6” length
  • It is composed of wood.
  • This product originated in the United States.
  • Karlash has manufactured it.


The sticks give off a funny smell. But they are a very innovative and environment-friendly product.

User Reviews

Customers found this product to be very resourceful for its multifunctional purposes. The sturdy body, solid construction that leaves no gap for splinters makes it very safe and helpful for kid’s school projects.

They come in handy and are convenient to use with a generous amount of sticks packed in a bag. Some of our consumers are doctors and speech therapists who use Karlash Jumbo Craft Sticks as tongue depressors” for their patients to help them in fluent speech delivery.

These sticks can easily hold up frozen treats very well for all your housewarming parties. Some customers use them as spatulas because of their sturdy surface that allows for a satisfactory and clean application of soft wax to remove their body hair. Also, it is cheaper than the “wax applicator” products in the market. 

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With 5 star ratings, Karlash Jumbo Craft Sticks are famous for their premium quality. Few of our customers have used Karlash Jumbo Craft Sticks for rice Krispie paint brushes and find them very nice and smooth.

They have also addressed that the product doesn’t chirp or crack easily, and its 6” length works perfectly for them.

One of the most innovative products used for different purposes in day-to-day life is kid’s play toys, beautiful DIYs, name tag for plants, mix wax, and tongue depressors. This product is an absolute steal deal with satisfactory results.

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