Keep your job options open – Karan Dubey

Karan Dubey

Apeejay alumnus Karan Dubey, working with Jio company, emphasises on not limiting one’s capabilities

By Arijit Roy: Karan Dubey is a Deputy Manager at Jio Telecommunications Company. He is an Apeejay School, Kharghar alumnus and a former science student, who loved football and disliked coding.

In a quick telephone conversation, the software professional tells us about his best memories from his alma mater and also has a few practical advice for the current students. Read edited excerpts:

Tell us a bit about your work profile?

I started working at the Jio company in 2018. I had joined as an Assistant Manager then. Last year, I was promoted to the position of a Deputy Manager.

Currently, I am handling a team of three people here. I manage an inhouse product called the Jio Coverage Platform (JCP) that the 4G and 5G network team uses to check network statistics and performance. It is front end development work that we handle. 

What inspired you to join this field of work?

The considerations were purely commercial (laughs). I had only the monetary benefits in sight!

Best memories from your school days?

Sports Day! I was the sports captain and the inter house football tournaments were a cherished moment for me. I was very much into athletics and football at school.

Few advice for the current students

Keep your basics clear. Don’t limit what you are capable of! I never intended to join the software domain, but I landed up here somehow.

I was a computer science student but I was never inclined towards coding. So, as you can see from my example, never limit your thinking to a certain domain because you never know what life throws at you!

Finally! Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Probably leading a bigger team and working on bigger projects.

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