This IIT Engineer quit US job and started Sid dairy Farm in India and become dairy entrepreneur

Kishore Indukuri
Image Source: Sid Farm

Success Story of Kishore Indukuri, Founder of Sid Farm, one of the best dairy farms in Hyderabad

Know how an Intel employee in the US returned to India and built ₹ 44 crore turnover Sid dairy Farm in India and become dairy entrepreneur.

It rarely happens when one decides to leave the life of luxury and lead a simple life to fulfil his passion.

The IIT alumnus said goodbye to the lucrative job at Intel in the US to start a dairy in Hyderabad, India.

Today their hard work paid off and the dairy farm is turning into a company and earning 44 crores.

Kishore grew in a middle class family in Hyderabad. His father’ name is Narasimha Raju and mother name is Lakshmi.

His father was an engineer at Mahindra and Mahindra and worked for 25 years. His mother was a homemaker, and his younger brother is a software engineer.

Kishore Indukuri completed class 10 at Nalanda Vidyalaya High School and completed Class 12 from Little Flower Junior College. He did his B Sc in Chemistry from IIT Kharagpur.

Kishore Indukuri is originally from Karnataka. He Graduated from IIT Kharagpur. For further studies, he went to the University of Massachusetts, USA.

Image Source: Sid Farm

Later, he did his post-graduation in Engineering from University of Massachusetts and did doctorate in Polymer Science from the same University.

After completing his PhD, Kishore joined US based tech company, Intel Corporation as a Senior Quality and Reliability Engineer at Chandler, Arizona.

Intel allowed him to travel across South Korea, Japan, and other European countries.

Kishore Indukuri worked as a Senior Processing Engineer at Intel Corporation until he decided to return to India.

Kishore had bought a house near Intel office in Chandler. Life in US can become very comfortable.

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But something was missing in his life… Kishore was looking for a big kick.

Kishore was not satisfied with his cured and well-paying job and wanted to return back to India to do something. After working with Intel for six years, he finally left the job in America and came back to India.

Entrepreneurial Journey of Kishore Indukuri

Finally, Kishore Indukuri, an IIT graduate, with a Masters and a Doctorate from University of Massachusetts left a high-paying, secure, and lucrative job at Intel in the US just to return to India.

After returning to Hyderabad, Kishore dabbled in multiple businesses and put his hands in as many businesses as possible.

He coached students to crack GRE and TOEFEL. He grew vegetables also. He invested about Rs 1 crore in the various businesses over a period of two years.

Started Dairy Farm

He soon realized that there were limited options for clean and safe milk. Thus, his dairy started in 2012 with an investment of only 20 cows. He left all other businesses and began to focus on this dairy farm.

Initially Kishore Indukuri sold the milk in the wholesale market. He sold at ₹ 15 a litre and suffered losses, since the production cost came to around ₹ 30 per litre.

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From milking the cows himself, he started delivering it directly to the customers that was an uphill task.

Image Source: Sid Farm

Kishore Indukuri visited community centres and housing societies to connect with people. Then, he set up a freeze and store system to ensure that the milk lasted longer.

He distributed pamphlets in his area, which explained about the benefits of milk that contained no water, antibiotics, preservatives, or hormones.

He asked customers to taste the milk and then order. The pamphlets designed by his wife Hima. He named the farm Sid dairy farm after his son Siddhartha.

Became a largest milk supplier

By 2018, Indukuri’s dairy farm became largest milk supplier in Hyderabad. His dairy farm procures milk from 1500 farmers and sells more than 25,000 litres of milk to about 6,000 customers in and around Hyderabad.

There are more than 100 cattle at Sid Dairy farm in Shahbad and grown into ₹ 44 crore company.

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Today, the dairy farm has expanded its operations to include 120 employees and has earned an annual income of ₹ 40 crores.

Currently, He supplied milk to 10 thousand customers daily from the farm. In an interview, Indukuri revealed that the dairy industry had to work hard and struggle in the beginning.

Image Source: Sid Farm

He used his own entire savings and took the help of the family members and friends to set up a dairy.

Starting with cow and buffalo milk, his farm has expanded to a wide range of products such as organic paneer, ghee, curd, buffalo milk, and cow’s milk.

Kishore ran the firm as a proprietorship firm, in 2016; he registered his business as Sid’s Farm Pvt Ltd.

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In 2018, Kishore Indukuri purchased a 4-acre farm in Shabad, which is located about 45 km from Hyderabad.

In 2018, Kishore Indukuri taken a loan of 1.3 crores from the local bank to expand his dairy operations and increase production.

With an initial investment of 1 crore and later 2 crores, he made the dairy industry stand on its feet.

Image Source: Sid Farm

The farmers are based at Mahabubnagar, Keshampet, Shabad, Shadnagar, Wanaparthy in Telangana and Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh. The milk is transported to the farm in refrigerated trucks owned by transport partners.

Sid’s Dairy Farm milk is available at retail stores. Buffalo milk sold at ₹ 90 a litre and Cow milk at ₹ 76 a litre.

More than 15,000 daily customers are connected through their app. They also sell dairy products through other e commerce portals such as Big Basket Daily and Super Daily.

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The Farm uses advanced technology to ensure the quality of the products. Although the milk business suffered some damage during the Corona period, but despite this, they did not stop milk production.

Going forward, they aim to expand services beyond Hyderabad and into nearby cities such as Bangalore.

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So, we hope Kishore Indukuri will continue to shine in life even more and motivate the young Indian entrepreneur. Sugermint wishes to emulate him on the path of success.

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