Kizen Plumbing, Top-Rated, Honest Plumbers in Torrance, CA and Surrounding Areas

Kizen Plumbing

Kizen Plumbing, Top-Rated, Honest Plumbers in Torrance, CA and Surrounding Areas

Kizen Plumbing is the company to call in Torrance, California and the surrounding regions when you need plumbing services that are timely, reliable, and performed by professionals.

Since 1994, The Company has been providing the residents of neighborhood with the highest quality plumbing services that are now available. Simply give the number 310-644-9757 a call to set up an appointment for service.

Do not disregard the fact that your plumbing system is having issues if you are currently experiencing them. If you put off getting aid from an expert, there’s a chance the problem will get worse, which will make the repairs costlier in the long run.

Kizen Plumbing provides plumbing services in Torrance, California, and the surrounding areas in a quick and effective manner. Do you need assistance mending a broken water heater, a toilet that is overflowing, a clogged toilet, or something else entirely?

Every time, our group of specialists that are highly skilled in their fields and have years of expertise will produce satisfactory outcomes.

Simply give the number 310-644-9757 a call to set up an appointment for service. 

No Job is too big or too small

Kizen Plumbing is a family-owned and locally-operated business with deep ties to the communities in which we work and live.

This serves as a driving force behind our commitment to delivering first-rate customer service and reasonably priced plumbing solutions to the communities in which we ourselves work, live, and play.

You can rely on us for any and all of your plumbing issues because all plumbers at Kizen hold valid licenses and insurance policies.

Because the company has so many years of experience in plumbing, you can rest assured that we will do the task efficiently and successfully on the very first try.


The crew is able to handle any task, regardless of its size or complexity. The company is the plumber in Torrance ca that you can trust for all of your plumbing requirements, whether you just need a little faucet repair or a complete replacement of your sewer line. If you need plumbing work done, give a call.

The company is so confident in the quality of our work that we promise your complete satisfaction. Simply give a call at 310-644-9757 to have your appointment scheduled for today!

Plumbing Services in Torrance, CA

In the city of Torrance, California, Kizen Plumbing offers a full spectrum of plumbing services to both commercial and residential clients. Customers come from all over the city.

The following are some of the plumbing solutions we offer:

  • Cleaning of the Drains
  • Seismic valve installation
  • Inspection Cameras for the Sewer and Line Finder Devices
  • Repair of trenchless sewer systems
  • Repairs and Replacements to the Sewer Line
  • CIPP Sewer Lining
  • Detection and Repair of Leaks in Slabs
  • Maintenance and Replacement of Water Lines
  • Water Heater Repair and Replacement
  • Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair
  • Toilet Repair and Installation
  • Faucet Installation and Repair
  • Sink Installation and Repair
  • Water Leak Detection and Repair

General Plumbing

In the event that you are experiencing a problem with your plumbing that is not described above, or if you believe that your issue is more complex, please do not hesitate to give us a call right away to find out more about the services that we offer.

The crew of highly trained plumbers offers a wide range of services that are available to commercial and residential clients in the Torrance, California area and the neighboring areas.

Because the company has worked in the plumbing industry for so many years, you may feel confident that we can manage whatever task you present to us.

The company offers a variety of services, such as sewer and drain cleaning, repairs, diagnosis and checkups, sewer camera inspections, tankless and standard water heaters, trenchless pipe repair, seismic valves, water, gas, drain and vent pipes, faucets, disposals, and toilets that can be repaired or replaced.

The companies do not charge an hourly cost, and there are no additional fees or surprises lurking in the fine print.

Are you a Senior Citizen or a Veteran? every day, it has sales and discounts! Simply give a call to request a free estimate, and a member of our helpful staff will get in touch with you to set up an appointment. You can reach at this very now by dialing 310-644-9757.

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