Know The Best-Selling Gemstone Jewelry For Your Winter Outfits

Gemstone Jewelry

Winters is that time of the year when you are bored of the dull-colored outfits and the layers of cardigans. The surroundings are also foggy and misty, missing the bright sunshine.

It is those days when you need the magical appeal of accessories the most. We have chosen the best gemstone jewelry for you that is sure to bring the much-needed liveliness to your overall look.

The bright and colorful world of the gems is has all what it takes to add charm to your furry and warm pullovers.

In this blog, we have listed some of the best-selling gemstones. They are a must-have to any accessories collection.


The birthstone for the month of October, Opal is a stone of amplification. It brings an abundance of luck, health, and prosperity.

The gemstone has a flash of rainbow colors that makes it so fascinating. Picture the beauty with dark shades of winter outfits.

An opal Ring in a sleek chain with a dark color pullover will be the best combination. You can wear this classy gemstone in a bracelet with your sweater dress.

The vibrant sheen of the gem is sure to light up your dull and gray outfit. Check out the opal jewelry collection at Rananjay Exports. They have the best designs in gemstone jewelry.


The raw beauty of this mossy green gemstone is astonishing. If you love complementing colors of accessories for your outfit, then moldavite will give you that evening jewelry appeal that goes well with your black or dark gray woolen outfits.

Moldavite jewelry has a mysterious charm to it that adds up to the overall look of the wearer. For this season of the year, like you, choose the deep and dark-themed fragrances, same goes with the jewelry. Warm color jewelry will like a moldavite necklace, or a ring would be the best choice.

Libyan Desert Glass

Also known as Egyptian desert glass, it is found in light yellow, yellow, milky white, and colorless shades.

A rare and beautiful, naturally occurring glass, it is located near the Egyptian-Libyan border, which is the most difficult place to reach on Earth.

The gemstone’s golden hue looks classy with the dreary monotones of the winters. It is just like the sunshine on those foggy days, which looks like a renewal of life.

Libyan desert glass rings are a subtle way to add shine to your casual warm outfits. It will also look great against a white pullover.

Turquoise Jewelry: 

The refreshing blue color of the gemstone set in silver is an investment for a long time to go.

The gem will never go out of style. Big size cabochons of the gemstone set in bracelets give a statement look for your party wear woolen dresses.

The vibrant color is best to break the monotony of your warm outfits. Make it your everyday accessory and garner compliments for never compromising on accessories because you are in layers of jackets and mufflers. The jewelry comes in a variety of designs and patterns, which is an added advantage.

Moonstone jewelry:

If you love the pastel hues, you will adore the classy appeal of a moonstone jewelry piece.

The delicate appeal of a moonstone Ring will suit best with your sleek designed and sophisticated sweater.

The petite jewelry will surely compliment your blazers and formal woolen outfits. The mesmerizing sheen of the stone has the perfect mystifying appeal that goes with the theme of the season. 


It is a rare blue gemstone found only in the Dominican Republic. It occurs in greenish-blue, gray, and white hues making mesmerizing patterns in its body.

The designs look like the patterns of water on an ocean. It has healing energies that bring harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. It will relieve stress and soothe your fears.

The stone works on the throat chakra and hence is the best stone to enhance your communication skills.

Hence, larimar Ring and earrings are most preferred. Since the stone is rare, even wearing a larimar bracelet will make you stand out. Its refreshing color will go best with light shades of your warm outfits.

Be it any season of the year, the stones mentioned above can be your best purchase to date. They are versatile and evergreen and sure to garner you compliments. Winters can’t stop you from dressing up your best, so add these gemstones to your accessories collection.

The Best Place To Buy Gemstone Jewelry

If you are looking for a trusted site to buy wholesale silver gemstone jewelry, check out Rananjay Exports.

They have an authentic gemstone jewelry collection in the latest and vintage designs. Their jewelry is made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil. You can get your jewelry customized, and they have many customer benefits as well.

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