Kotlin Programming Language: Is It A Good Choice For Android App Development

Kotlin Programming Language

Kotlin was announced as the official programming language for Android app development in Google I/O 2017. Post that Java was the preferred choice for developing android apps.

Kotlin is a statistically typed programming language that runs on Java Virtual Machine. This programming language is created by JetBrains, YouTrack, and plenty of other IDE solutions. Kotlin is open-source and is appreciated by developers worldwide.

In recent years, the Majority of the developers as well as clients have shifted to Kotlin as it supports multiple mobile platforms.

It is possible that in the future, Kotlin may not be restricted to Android. The high popularity has also raised several queries about whether the existing apps must shift to Kotlin or should continue with the existing programming language only. Making a decision would be much easier if we know the pros and cons.

Advantages of Kotlin

1) Improves team Productivity

Kotlin is a Java-based programming language but it can eliminate all the setbacks of Java. Kotlin is a clear, compact, and efficient programming language and has a concise and intuitive syntax.

Because of this, it can maximize the overall productivity of a team of developers. Developers need very less time to write and deploy new codes with Kotlin. Maintaining code will also be easier if apps are developed using Kotlin.

2) Easy Maintenance

Kotlin provides great support for several IDEs which also includes Android Studio and several other SDK tools.

This will improve the overall productivity of the team of developers as it allows them to deal with the toolkit continuously. So, this means easy development as well as easy maintenance.

3) Less Buggy

One of the main benefits of using Kotlin for mobile app development is that it has fewer bugs. It has a clear and compact codebase and leaves no room for bugs while developing.

Developers can create stable codes during the development phase. It has a compiler that can recognize every bug, and any mistake very quickly without any hassle. Because of this, it can make Kotlin a perfect replacement for Java.

4) Highly Reliable

Kotlin is not like other programming languages, it is very mature and efficient. From the time of its inception, Kotlin has launched several Beta and Alfa versions before releasing its final version. The last version is also compatible with plenty of other language versions.

5) Easy Learning Curve

Kotlin tries to improve the existing features of Java instead of just rewriting them. Every Android app developer who knows Java and has mastered it while working with Java can be used while developing apps in Kotlin. Every project which is developed with Java can be transferred to Kotlin with ease.

6) Compatible With Existing Java Code     

Kotlin is interoperable with Java. This programming language is consistent with Java and other related tools and frameworks.

This makes switching to Kotlin easy as a pie. Just in case, the project is written can’t be written in Kotlin, Java can be used simultaneously. It provides ease and compatibility.

7) Combination of Procedural and Functional Programming

Currently, there are several programming paradigms that are in wide usage. Every paradigm has its own pros and cons.

However, when it comes to procedural programming, there are plenty of difficulties. Which is totally opposite in the case of functional programming. This is why Kotlin uses both to make the most out of it.

Disadvantages of Kotlin

1) Slow Compilation Speed

In certain cases, Kotlin does work faster than Java that too while performing incremental builds. But, it must be known that java still has supreme uphold over Kotlin when it comes to clean buildings.

2) Kotlin is Not Java

We have discussed similarities between Java and Kotlin but, they also have significant differences. Java has been here for decades and hence every problem that can ever happen in the development already has a solution for it. This is why Java is very different from Kotlin and it is an upper hand on its own.

3) Limited Resources For Learning Kotlin

The majority of the Android app development companies are switching to Kotlin but it still has a small community worldwide. It provides limited resources for learning this language and solving different issues while learning it.

4) Lesser Resources to Hire

Since Kotlin is quite new, there are limited resources who are skilled, well versed, and experienced with Kotlin.

So, even though people want Android apps with Kotlin, it becomes highly difficult to search for the developer and put him to work. With the passage of time, more developers will learn and this problem will also no longer exist.

Wrapping Up

Kotlin is new, it is advanced, popular, and in demand as well. If you are looking to hire a mobile app development company to build your app and are confused about the choice of programming language, study the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Check out both sides and pick the best for your project.

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