Krish Nawal and Manya Roongta, Founders of CAMI- Children’s Art Museum of India

Krish Nawal-Manya Roongta

Interview with Krish Nawal and Manya Roongta, Founders of CAMI- Children’s Art Museum of India

Krish Nawal and Manya Roongta both study in school based out of Gurgaon. They are keen to do something for the society, especially for students.

The Gurugram-based brand is the brainchild of two prodigious youngsters, Manya Roongta and Krish Nawal.

Founded in 2022 with a compelling vision of uniting children from both the rural landscapes and bustling cityscapes of India, CAMI endeavors to furnish them with a platform to articulate their innermost sentiments through the medium of art.

The free-to-use platform serves as a catalyst for the budding generation by delivering comprehensive artistic guidance, thereby nurturing their latent creative potential.

The fast-growing digital museum community empowers educational institutions to organize their own art events, polls for artworks, and publish art-centric blogs and newsletters consistently, effectively granting young minds the freedom to soar to new artistic heights.

CAMI- Children’s Art Museum of India. is the country’s first ever online art museum exclusively for the children, by the children, and for the children.

This avant-garde platform serves as a one-stop solution for creative minds where young talents assemble, exchange, and flourish, not just as imaginative artisans but as kindred spirits.

With an unwavering commitment to nurturing the boundless potential of artists under the tender age of 18, the brand expresses immense gratification in amplifying the resounding creative voices of these budding prodigies.

Artistic exploration is an essential aspect of a child’s development, as it helps them in developing creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

Art museums in India offer a unique opportunity for children to explore their creativity and express themselves through art.

There are various types of art that children can explore in these museums, such as painting, sculpture, and mixed media.

However, what if such opportunities are now available online. Not just limiting to the traditional ways and children’s creativity to physical museums but now offering them an online collaborative platform to give voice to their feelings, mirror their emotions, and share their opinions- all through their ART.

Online accessibility to showcase the art and creativity is a smart way of upskilling and has brought a ray of possibilities, growth for the young children of India.

Please tell us a little about your entrepreneurial journey

The Children’s Art Museum of India is the first online children’s art museum and is also our first joint initiative, offering young artists a platform to express themselves and share their hard work with the world.

We provide a nurturing environment where their creativity thrives, fostering cognitive growth and cultural appreciation.

Through online events, challenges and other such activities, we showcase their talent and empower them to make a global impact.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind CAMI, India’s first-ever online art museum exclusively for children?

Our platform emerged to address a significant gap in the art world. While numerous platforms focused on art instruction, there was a dearth of platforms dedicated to showcasing the work of young artists.

Additionally, young artists struggled to connect and learn from their peers. Our platform fills these voids by providing a space for young artists to exhibit their creations and foster a supportive community.

We aim to empower young artists, amplify their voices, and inspire creativity and connection among the next generation of artistic minds.

What led you to focus specifically on creating an art museum that is curated by children for children?

Our decision to create a children’s art museum in India, curated by children for children, was driven by the belief in the transformative power of art in young lives.

We recognized the need for a dedicated space where young artists could freely express themselves and share their unique perspectives.

By involving ourselves in the curation process, we aim to empower us as well as the young artist. Our goal is to create a vibrant and inclusive platform that celebrates and nurtures the artistic talents of India’s youth.

How does CAMI aim to nurture and encourage creativity in children through its online platform?

Exposure to the arts significantly encourages creative and analytical thinking in young Indians. I believe, it nurtures their imagination, develops problem-solving skills, fosters critical thinking, and promotes self-expression.

Through artistic exploration, children learn to think outside the box, embrace multiple perspectives, and develop a deeper understanding of the world around them in a creative manner.

Can you explain the process of curating and selecting artwork for CAMI? How are children involved in this process?

The process of curating and selecting artwork for the Children’s Art Museum of India (CAMI) involves active participation from the children themselves.

As the creators of these wonderful artworks, children submit their pieces through our platform. Manya and I, as curators, carefully review each submission to ensure its quality and appropriateness for display.

Once approved, the artworks are made live on the museum’s website for everyone to admire and appreciate.

In addition, we believe in engaging the wider community in the selection process. We provide an opportunity for visitors to vote for their favorite artworks on our Vote Page.

This voting system allows everyone to have a voice in recognizing exceptional talent. The artwork with the highest number of votes is awarded, celebrating the young artist’s achievement and providing motivation for further creative endeavors.

What kind of artwork can children expect to find in CAMI? Are there specific themes or styles that you focus on?

All types of art are encouraged and displayed in the Children’s Art Museum of India. Before making the artwork live, we make sure that it is fit for audiences under 18 years as well.

Artists can submit any art of their choice and on the other hand, we do organize monthly challenges for everyone to participate in.

For this, we do declare specific topics each month. This helps to boost the creativity of the artists by giving their creative brains a little push.

How does CAMI provide a safe and age-appropriate environment for children to explore and appreciate art?

The Children’s Art Museum of India is a dynamic and secure platform for artists under 18. We thoroughly screen all artwork to ensure it is suitable for young audiences, creating a safe and enjoyable space.

We actively discourage any explicit content that may be harmful or generate negative thoughts. We foster encouragement by awarding participation certificates and providing prizes to winners, fostering a positive environment for young artists to express themselves and access a world of creativity.

What interactive features does CAMI offer to engage children with the artworks and enhance their learning experience?

Children’s art museum of India offers a range of activities that keep the artists engaged and improve their artistic skills.

Starting from daily social media updates, weekly blogs, monthly newsletters, monthly challenges and much more!

Along with this, we have introduced the Children’s Art Museum in Metaverse via Roblox, wherein players can experience the museum and amazing artwork in an immersive experience.

This will make the players more aware of Indian art and heritage and this also promotes India internationally.

We do have one section dedicated specifically to Indian artwork and you will observe throughout the game we have included Indian elements.

Are there any educational resources or activities available on the platform to help children deepen their understanding of art?

The Children’s Art Museum of India (CAMI) provides various educational resources and activities to enrich children’s understanding of art. Our active blog page offers 1-2 weekly posts, covering diverse topics such as art, Indian heritage, and emerging art trends.

Additionally, we send out monthly newsletters directly to our members’ inboxes, ensuring they stay connected with art news even during busy times.

Recently, we launched a Learn page on our website, offering free art lessons and enabling users to enhance their skills across different art categories. These resources aim to foster continuous learning and growth in the artistic journey of children.

How does CAMI foster a sense of community among the young artists and visitors of the museum?

We try to foster a strong sense of community among young artists and online visitors through various initiatives.

We provide a platform for young artists to showcase their work, encouraging them to connect, collaborate, and support one another.

Through interactive features like the Sell your art, Vote Page and comment sections, etc visitors can engage with the artwork and offer words of encouragement.

Additionally, our online forums and social media presence facilitate discussions and interactions, creating a vibrant community where young artists can inspire, learn from, and celebrate each other’s creative journeys.

Are there any plans to expand CAMI’s offerings or collaborate with other organizations to further support children’s artistic development?

Absolutely we do plan to work with similar or even better organizations to work on artistic development amongst young artists.

In fact, we are in the process of collaborating with young and famous influencers as well. We have associated with a famous mom-vlogger in the past as well.

What drives your passion for promoting art education among children, and what do you hope to achieve through CAMI in the long run?

 We believe that art is an important element for nurturing creative, sensitive and responsible citizens. We also strongly feel that art enables children’s self-expression.

We are both passionate about bringing the child’s voice to the table. We are strong advocates of child citizenship.

We believe and are working to enhance and expand CAMI’s ambit to include different art forms and also launch a program for art that is accessible to all children.

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