Kriti Gandhi – First Fashion Enthusiast Then Entrepreneur!

Kriti Gandhi

Entrepreneurial journey of Kriti Gandhi founder of western label Posh Affair

In spite of being just a Bcom graduate, she has in a span of less than ten years made a foot print about Smart, Casual fashion through her brand Posh Affair.

Smiling and affable Kriti Gandhi is fashion enthusiast who has turned herself into a full scale entrepreneur.

Thanks to her childlike passion and innovative business model her outfit label Posh Affair has received global recognition and appreciation!

Chronicling how it all started Kriti voices that “I have always been a fashion enthusiast that’s my only qualification and a bent of curiosity set the ball rolling.

I Love What I Do and I Do It My Way J

The journey of entrepreneurship struck casually and looking back we are glad that we at Posh affair kept it simple, stuck to a category we liked and kept innovating and refining through the years to uncover our potential.

Our vision is customer satisfaction world over, something we realized can only happen if we can democratize our label, making it a ‘No Frills – Casual Shopping Experience

Browsing through her collection, one can see she is perfectly comfortable in adapting to a number game wherein score’s of western styles are launched by her team at reasonable prices.

Her business model is original and allows her to keep updating and refreshing the site with scores of smart and casual ensembles.

Kriti’s maverick move was to formulate a business that aimed at offering numerous casual designer western styles for a limited time period, the aim was to ensure customer satisfaction without pinching their pockets.

This along with deep impact online, allowed her to gain a significant customer footprint in tier 2 cities, where young women had the aspirational quotient and wanted to try out western outfits at reasonable prices.

Posh Affair will be completing ten years of successive operations, and because of democratic approach wherein the needs of the common aspirational Indian woman was kept central they were able to tide over various challenges of the Pandemic.

Mentoring young entrepreneurs on what it takes to succeed she summarizes by saying “Find what you love doing and to keep going through thick and thin – The world calls this BusinessJ

Be ready to innovate during challenges and prepare for the long haul, she closes by saying we overestimate what we can do in one year and under-estimate the change that happens in ten, and I have been doing what I love since more than ten years!”    

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