Interview: Krunal Shah, Founder of The ProXperts, a dynamic Training & Consulting Firm

Krunal Saha

Interview with Krunal Shah, Founder of The ProXperts, a dynamic Training & Consulting Firm

Krunal Shah, is the strategic consultant & co-founder of a premier business consulting firm, The Proxperts.

He is a serial entrepreneur, Sales Growth expert, growth strategic expert,. Business Accelerator and a Co-Founder at The Proxperts.

The Proxpert is a dynamic Training & Consulting Firm that has been instrumental in guiding businesses toward achieving their goals since its establishment in June 2017.

With a team of young and talented professionals, including Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Management Graduates, and Internationally Certified Trainers, they leverage deep industry expertise and rigorous analysis to deliver high-impact and sustainable results.

The Proxperts takes pride in its association with some of the most sophisticated, innovative, and successful brands in Gujarat.

Mr. Shah has over 10+ years of experience in the field of training & coaching. He is an experienced co-founder with a demonstrated history of working in the professional training & business management consultancy services.

He is skilled in Negotiation, people management, Leadership consultant and Executionist. He has gained expertise in customer services, Enterprise Transformation, and Sales.

He has consulted successfully more than 300+ companies with sectors like Automobile, Engineering, Textiles, Manufacturing, FMCG, Packaging, Furniture, Services and many more. He is a Serial Entrepreneur with a vision to own more than 400 Businesses by 2035.

He is an IIM Ahmedabad Alumni, a strong entrepreneurship professional management graduate from London School of Commerce which is focused in Business & Management from University Of Gloucestershire (UK). Also a green belt certified in Six Sigma.

Can you tell us about your journey and what inspired you to establish The Proxperts?

Krunal Shah: The ProXperts, established by Dhara Shah and Krunal Shah, were inspired by the common challenges faced by entrepreneurs and individuals in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

We recognized the need for structured growth and development in these organizations and sought to bridge the gaps by providing guidance, training, and consulting services.

Dhara’s experience in coaching and training individuals of various age groups, combined with Krunal’s expertise in coaching entrepreneurs, laid the foundation for The Proxperts.

What sets The Proxperts apart from other business consulting firms in Surat?

Krunal Shah: We focus on addressing all aspects of an organization rather than solely targeting one area of management.

Our team consists of highly skilled professionals, including management graduates, chartered accountants, and certified trainers, who bring diverse expertise to the table.

We work closely with our clients, providing personalized solutions and ensuring their specific challenges are effectively addressed.

Kindly brief us about The Proxperts, its specialization, and the services that it offers?

Krunal Shah: The Proxperts specializes in providing training, coaching, and consulting services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in India.

We help these businesses transition from unorganized operations to more organized and structured approaches.

Our services include business transformation, strategic planning, leadership development, process improvement, marketing strategy, HR management, and sales growth along with financial analysis.

By offering a comprehensive range of services, we assist SMEs in realizing their full potential, seizing market opportunities, and optimizing their resources.

What is your biggest USP?

Krunal Shah: Our biggest unique selling proposition (USP) is our ability to offer a comprehensive approach to business transformation.

We take into account all aspects of an organization, including strategy, operations, leadership, processes, HR management, and sales growth, to provide integrated and effective solutions.

Our team’s diverse expertise allows us to address the entire spectrum of challenges faced by our clients, enabling them to achieve sustainable growth and success.

How do you approach strategic planning for your clients? What methodologies or frameworks do you utilize to develop effective strategies?

Krunal Shah: At The Proxperts, we approach strategic planning by utilizing proven methodologies and frameworks to develop effective strategies.

We employ tools like SWOT, BCG matrix, market research, competition analysis, and customer segmentation to gain a deep understanding of our client’s businesses and their competitive landscape.

We also incorporate elements of design thinking and agile methodologies to foster innovation and adaptability in strategy development.

Our approach is collaborative, involving close collaboration with our clients to align their vision, goals, and resources with the formulated strategies.

Leadership development is a crucial aspect of any organization’s growth. What specific approaches or programs does The Proxperts employ to enhance leadership skills within client companies?

Krunal Shah: To enhance leadership skills within client companies, The Proxperts employs a range of approaches and programs.

We offer leadership development workshops and training sessions that cover various aspects of leadership, including communication, decision-making, team management, conflict management and collaborative working.

Our programs are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each client, ensuring a personalized and impactful learning experience.

We also provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring to support individual leaders in their professional growth and development.

Process improvement is often a complex and intricate task. Could you elaborate on the methodologies or tools The Proxperts employ to identify and streamline inefficient processes?

Krunal Shah: We adopt a strategic approach to process improvement by identifying which processes are effective and should be retained, and which ones need to be changed or optimized.

To accomplish this, we utilize a methodology known as the Gemba walk, where our team physically observes and analyzes the actual workplace environment to gain insights into the current processes.

In our process improvement efforts, we employ methodologies such as 5S, Six Sigma, Kaizen, and other industry best practices.

The 5S methodology focuses on organizing the workplace for efficiency and eliminating waste. Six Sigma helps us reduce process variation and defects, leading to improved quality and customer satisfaction. Kaizen emphasizes continuous improvement through small incremental changes.

By leveraging these methodologies, we streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and enhance productivity.

Our goal is to identify and optimize inefficient processes, ultimately helping our clients achieve greater operational efficiency and improved overall performance.

Marketing strategy plays a vital role in today’s competitive business landscape. How does The Proxperts assist clients in developing effective marketing strategies to reach their target audience and achieve their goals?

Krunal Shah: In developing effective marketing strategies for our clients, The Proxperts takes a data-driven and customer-centric approach.

We begin by conducting market research and customer segmentation to identify target audiences and understand their needs, preferences, and behaviors.

Based on these insights, we collaborate with our clients to develop compelling value propositions and positioning statements.

We then create tailored marketing plans that encompass various channels and tactics, including digital marketing, content creation, branding, and customer relationship management.

Our goal is to help our clients reach their target audience effectively and achieve their marketing objectives.

Financial analysis is essential for businesses to make informed decisions. How does The Proxperts assist clients in analyzing their financial data and providing actionable insights for improved financial performance?

Krunal Shah: The Proxperts assists clients in analyzing their financial data and provides actionable insights for improved financial performance.

We conduct financial analysis, including ratio analysis, trend analysis, and benchmarking, to evaluate the financial health and profitability of our client’s businesses.

We help identify areas of improvement, such as cost reduction opportunities, revenue enhancement strategies, and financial risk mitigation.

Our team collaborates closely with clients’ finance teams to interpret the analysis results, develop financial forecasts, and implement effective financial management practices.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish their own consulting firms or businesses in the professional services sector?

Krunal Shah: For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to establish their own consulting firms or businesses in the professional services sector, I would offer the following advice:

– Identify your niche: Determine your area of expertise and focus on a specific market segment or industry where you can provide specialized value.

– Build a strong network: Network with professionals and industry experts to establish relationships and gain insights. Leverage these connections to create partnerships and collaborations.

– Continuous learning: Stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in your field. Invest in your professional development through courses, certifications, and attending industry conferences.

– Deliver exceptional value: Focus on providing outstanding services and solutions that exceed client expectations. Word-of-mouth referrals and positive reviews are crucial for building a reputation.

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