Krystal School of Excellence hosted an inspiring yoga session to observe International Yoga Day

Krystal School of Excellence

Kolkata, June 2024: Krystal School of Excellence (KSE) a leading institute in the hospitality industry, hosted an inspiring Yoga Session recently for its students to observe the International Yoga Day. The session held at the KSE campus, aimed to promote better health and wellness among the students.

Led by Nikita Agrawal, founder of Isira Yoga, the session featured rejuvenating breath-work exercises and pranayama techniques. Nikita Agarwal is a certified teacher from the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala and accredited by the Yoga Control Board (YCB) and Indian Yoga Association (IYA).

She emphasised on the true essence of yoga and highlighted, yoga is not just an exercise routine but a holistic way of life and guiding philosophy.

Throughout the session, Nikita demonstrated practical ways to integrate yoga into our everyday life for a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Her insights and techniques profoundly resonated with the students, making the session both enlightening and enjoyable. The session proved highly beneficial, promoting mental, physical and spiritual well-being for the students.

The initiative of the institute, Krystal School of Excellence to host this session, was truly commendable, highlighting their commitment to the overall development and wellness of the students. Such initiatives not only enhance the educational experience but also foster a culture of health and mindfulness within the school community.

About Krystal School of Excellence:

Krystal School of Excellence, was established in 2015, stands as a bastion of unparalleled hospitality education by helping students to become the best in hospitality world.

They teach with a global mindset and the institute is approved by NCVTE Govt. of India and the London Academy of Professional Training (LAPT). KSE is also a proud member of HRAEI, The Hotel and Restaurant Association of Eastern India.

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