This Gujarat-based young entrepreneur is now the voice of millions

Kshitij Adukia

Success story of Kshitij Adukia, Entrepreneur, Founder of Tradizon, Content Creator & keynote Speaker

This determined and young entrepreneur changed his lifestyle from partying all night to working all day. His entrepreneurial journey however, is not as easy as it sounds.

Today Kshitij Adukia has become a successful entrepreneur. He has assisted over 100 entrepreneurs with new business ideas, sales and profits.

His inspiring entrepreneurial journey of building an empire from scratch left many in awe and he started getting requests to share the secrets and inspiration behind his success with others.

Sometimes what you do doesn’t lead to success; And it comes from what you do consistently. If no opportunity knocks your door, build a door. Having such an approach to life can lead to new opportunities and business ideas.

He didn’t follow a conventional path to starting his entrepreneurial journey. Though he had done his masters in digital marketing and management, he had to do his detailed research on how to start a business of his own.

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Kshitij Adukia is the CEO and founder of Tradizon. The global company is providing 360 degree consulting service for business growth. Tradizon is creating complete business plans and strategies to expand brand, sales and profits.

As many young entrepreneurs already know, great business ideas often start out as common pain points that need to be resolved.

The young entrepreneur is also a content creator, investor, content marketer, strategist, and brand-builder. He also excels in the genres of business, motivation, self-development.

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, Kshitij would give very little attention to his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. It was more of a side-gig for him, and his main-gig revolved around partying and chilling with his friends.

Being one of the youngest entrepreneurs didn’t stop him from having huge ideas for various businesses and fulfilling his dream. His no-nonsense approach has earned him a reputation as a result achiever from several prominent clients.

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After being put in an ultimatum to follow his father’s business or continue his entrepreneurial dream, he chose the latter.

By this time, Adukia realized how much hard work and dedication would be required to be successful in this and changed her entire lifestyle for it.

Kshitij Adukia - entrepreneur

He changed the schedule from coming home at 5 a.m. from parties to getting up at 5 a.m. to work.

He will be consistent and will not give up no matter how difficult it may seem. He kept coming up with new business ideas, making plans and started three ventures with him.

However, these startups didn’t seem futuristic to him, so he left them and worked on starting another business entirely.

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After a month of hard work, Adukia succeeded and came up with Tradizen, a business-consulting firm that is now one of the successful venture has 50+ clienteles, catering to 7+ countries, and has assisted more than 150 entrepreneurs.

He seeks to make people understand his thoughts on life through sacred talks and informative facts in the field of business, life skills, self-development, and motivation. And that’s exactly what he has started doing with his new segment of “29 Seconds with Kshitij”.

Kshitij Adukia’s main objective is to make a change. His goal is to learn new things from his work and to help inspire and influence people to reach their goals.

For this, he had only one goal, to change the mindset and make people aware of various current affairs, and use his personal experiences to promote self-development and valuable life skills.

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Kshitij Adukia lives by saying that to be successful is; You have to put your heart in your business and your business in your heart.

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Now while entrepreneur is the successor of many things, public speaking was not one of them.