Kunj Channe, Entrepreneur and Founder of Securago Car Design Research Academy

Kunj Channe-securago car Design

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As part of this endeavour, we invited yet another passionate entrepreneur Kunj Channe, Entrepreneur and Founder of Securago car Design Research Academy private limited interview with us.

This is the interview of Kunj Channe, Entrepreneur and Founder of securago car Design Research Academy private limited.

Tell us a little about yourself

Kunj Channe: I am founder and director of India’s car design research development company SCDR PVT LTD. And I am inventor, marketer, project researcher, car designer, CEO, entrepreneur, CAD master, professional industrial trainer, and story teller.

The success story of my life and CSDR PVT LTD company is the best and biggest example of make in India.

I have completed education CAD master from Design multimedia center from Delhi university, and I have also mastered the field of automotive design and mechanical design.

I have research on all technical field subject. I have research 4600 old and new vehicles components on different types of technology and equipment.

I have research in car sector. similarly, research on modern technology. we are ten members in my family and we are both brother own company. whose name is SCDR PVT LTD (SECURAGO CAR DESIGN RESEARCH ACADEMY PVT LTD).

My father firmly believed that i was strong enough to make his dreams come true and at the age of 22 I was able to establish my own company.

How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Kunj Channe: The credit of my transformation from a professional to an businessman goes to only two people. the first person is my father, he has been the root of my inspiration to be who i am today. because it was my father dream which i made successful.

In my childhood, he instilled in me the values of independence self- reliance. growing up. He encouraged me to face my fears boldly and work towards making my dreams come true.

My father always used to say that if you want to achieve the goal in life then believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, then the goal can not be achieved.

When i was born in a poor family, my father did not have more money to complete my higher education.

When i was completing higher education, i had to dropout due to lack of collage fees, after that when i worked hard, then completed studies and at the age of 22 i became a successful entrepreneur.

Dev channe- the second person is my elder brother, he is founder and director of SCDR PVT LTD. he always instilled in the zeal for success.

As mentor, he always trained me to prepare now projects in business. he stays with me in every challenge so that both of us can be able to face it together.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer at Securago Car Design?

Kunj Channe: We work on Automotive and Mechanical projects in which any types of product is designed.
our products are:

  • Interior Design Car
  • Exterior Design Car
  • Autocad Design
  • Product Design And 3d Design
  • Luxury Business Van Modify
  • Luxury And Motor Home Van Modify
  • Styling Process
  • Engine Component Research
  • Car Clay Modeling (Sculpting)
  • Rendering Process
  • 4wd Project
  • Research Of The Design Topic
  • Mechanical Multiple Project
  • Product Validation And Support
  • Electrical Simulation
  • Automotive Systems Work
  • Perspective Design Work & Random Design Work
  • Wiring Harness
  • Ev- Projects
  • Design Internship Professional Training

What is unique about Securago Car Design?

SCDR PVT LTD products help drive the growth of the automotive sector and technology. At the same time, we help to promote new designs and new features through our products so that more and more demand for new designs and products increases in the market. we have the responsibility to give good service to our customer.

Our products such as research on multiple project and components in the automotive and mechanical sector to discover new vehicles and to design the bright car of the future, all products and service because together with the sales of this product by helping to promote corporate with other.

Our vision is to always strive to simplify the lives of our clients through pleasant experiences, take service from them so that they are able to deliver the next projects.

SCDR PVT LTD thought fully designed product solutions help all industrialist grow their sales faster with less effort.

The proof of this is that we are successful in making any made by us, all the team and designers contribute to meet every target.

My company has been successful in doing business with about 6 countries, in this the company product has now been successful in becoming famous all over the world.

What made you choose Car Designing?

Kunj Channe: Because it was my father dream I was always hungry to invent some new technology.

I used to think many times that if all types of vehicles are being launched in the market present. then they should have good design and low and low prices every fro ordinary people?

Keeping this in my mind, then I started studying foreign technology and my new equipment research.

I am also known as the best designer for many important contribution to the growth. My love for automotive design has always grown.

I was very interested in creating new designs and creation. I build the best designs from multiple vehicles to big industry equipment and have spent many years researching projects on it.

Today we work together on new projects by connecting with companies from anywhere in the national to international level.

Today only after my hard work, securago company was successful in getting big market. that’ s why i choose this business.

What was your mission at the outset?

Kunj Channe: We all industrialist and entrepreneur every brand, be is small or big, are working towards using technology to provide only equal opportunities in the market.

We have been able to use this company of ours to attract customers and provide them with unpatrolled experienced and good service and get their fair share of business.

My mission is to build product that can help. our customers and partners on this journey.
our second mission is to build world global record brands.

How many employees at Securago Car Design?

Kunj Channe: We are over 250 employees strong. We have made about 350 fresher’s successful by providing training through or organization.

What’s Securago Car Design’s goals?

Kunj Channe: Our goal is to strengthen the automotive sector of India and to take all the brand of this sector to the global level. Adding all the designs and products of my company to the new creativity. this is the only goal.

We want to establish our leadership in the entire industry and are always able to strengthen the automotive sector, my only goal is to make this company/s brand famous all over the world.

How do you build a successful customer base?

Kunj Channe: Our mission- we owe it to our customers to provide good service, give them the tools to convert more customers and therefore earn more profit.

We helping customers to be successful creates goodwill in the market for our products and brand which helps us to build a strong and ever growing base of high transacting customers.

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Kunj Channe: All entrepreneur have experienced failure because in a way it allows us to keep moving forward. being a startup we have to learn from our failure or mistake every day.

There was some kind of challenges in my business in the beginning, but never looked back, just kept moving forward.

We had new experience when we made incremental changes to the product based on immediate. solutions suggested by some customers.

Who has been your greatest inspiration?

Kunj Channe: I have been influenced by many industrialists because of whom i have become a successful entrepreneur today.

So i realize that many people have influenced me and changed me into who i am today- from inspiration people to big industrialist has affected.

I have learned something new from all of them, sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously.

However, two people who have played an active role in shaping me are my father and my elder brother Dev.

While my father encouraged me to beyond my fears, my elder brother Dev helped me adopt to difficult problems and changing needs and demands.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?

Kunj Channe: Learning from one’s own failures or mistakes is a continuous process for each person to gain experience.

There are some mistakes due to which we have been able make our brand famous in the market today.

It take us some time to understand that we need different teams for different types of design and products, due to which we will explore our product in new technology.

In the beginning we were missing out on upgrading the skills of the teams and all the designers-

I knew at that time that this are back as a problem for us to face, from the founder of the company to the entire team. At that time we hit al the targets. we were able to complete the challenge as we believe in ourselves.

But now, as far as i am aware, we are proudly the only paid company in the country to invest heavily on training teams and explore new job profiles with them. that’s what we got to learn from our mistakes.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Kunj Channe: The business you start, then first of all focus your goal, remember for which you started it will help you to move forward.

Does Securago Car Design help the community or society?

Kunj Channe: Preparing everyone to lead a good life is the biggest contribution any corporate can invest in.

I firmly believe that there are many people in our country who are ready to work hard and need an opportunity to prove their skills and strength. that’s why we always stand in support of youth.

However, the biggest drawback has been the lack of education. some poor children’s who need education but they fail to complete their education due to money condition.

We have only one goal that education should be more important so that every child is successful in realizing their dreams.

This is where, we at SCDR PVT LTD are working hard to find out fresh talent, upskill them and then create earning good opportunities for them in cities and rural areas.

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