Labo, A Switzerland Based Premium Cosmetic Brand Enters The Indian Market

Labo Cosmetic Products

~ A unique, innovative, and Value-driven cosmetic company ~ 

October 2020: Founded in Basel, Switzerland in 1986, for over 30 years Labo has been involved in the research and development of dermo-cosmetic products with new and superior functions and promises. 

Labo,  recognized all over the world for its uniqueness has entered the Indian market in collaboration with Zee laboratories Limited, launching Crescina Enhanced HFSC, Crescina Enhanced  Anti-Hair Loss, and Fillerina 12 Ha Densifying Filler, some of its best skincare and haircare product range. 

Crescina Enhanced HFSC formulation is recommended in cases of hair thinning and hair loss, it stimulate hair regrowth and reduce hair loss in effected areas.

The  Complete Hair Therapy combines in a single package the two preparations:  Crescina Enhanced HFSC and Crescina Enhanced Anti-Hair Loss, both formulated for men and women. 

Fillerina 12 HA Densifying Filler is the first dermo-cosmetic filler treatment for at-home. It provides filling effect with topical application, thanks to Swiss Patented 12 differentiated hyaluronic acids.

The technology behind Fillerina 12 HA allows large quantities of hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the skin tissues, filling the deepest depressions of the face, like age wrinkles and expression lines,  and increasing the volume of cheekbones and lips. 

Fillerina 12HA Densifying Filler line is based primarily on the Intensive  Filler Treatment to be used for 14 days.

The emulsion, enriched with patent hyaluronic acid complex with vitamins, almond butter, shea butter, and coca oils specifically developed as a maintenance routine and are suitable to prolong the obtained filling results. 

The creams formulations consist of different types of emulsions, specifically developed for different needs: day cream, night cream, eye contour cream,  and lip contour cream.  

Hurry! Find the perfect skincare and haircare solution on the official  website:

About Labo: 

Labo, a Switzerland-based unique and innovative premium cosmetic brand aims to innovate new cosmetic solutions able to equate the performance of aesthetic medicine, offering an alternative, non-invasive, highly-effective solution to skincare and haircare problems. 

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Labo goes beyond the frontiers of dermo-cosmetic science. It is the first company that develops a new technique for the penetration of the active ingredients, through both epidermis and dermis, without injections.