Lado Okhotnikov, СEO of Meta Force About the Bitcoin Prospects and the Future of the Crypto Industry

Meta Force

An analytical article has been published containing the notes of Lado Okhotnikov, CEO of Meta Force. The role and prospects of Bitcoin as a potential alternative to traditional financial instruments and gold are being discussed.

Lado Okhotnikov is the founder of the Meta Force metaverse, a crypto-enthusiast and a supporter of libertarian ideas. He is inspired by decentralization and sees promise in decentralized finance (DeFi). Together with his team, Lado is actively involved in the development of the virtual space, where cryptocurrencies become the basis for digital innovation.

Along with the advantages of Bitcoin as a decentralized asset, the article also highlights some of its disadvantages that deserve attention.

The difficulties in regulating the crypto market are also described. Although the SEC recognizes the potential of blockchain, it considers cryptocurrencies to be a risky instrument due to high volatility. Based on this, the author proves that Bitcoin is still “digital gold” due to its limited issue and growing value.

The prospects for virtual reality technologies as an alternative area of investment and innovation are also mentioned. According to Lado Okhotnikov, now is the ideal time to invest in fundamental projects.

Lado Okhotnikov about regulation and the new gold standard

Many people have spoken out about the risks of regulating the cryptocurrency market, but few have done so in a positive way. Lado points out that the arrival of a regulator does not necessarily mean evil. In his opinion, the crypto market will not collapse in this case: on the contrary, volatility will become less, and the reliability of Bitcoin will be recognized even by government agencies.

Based on the impressive graph of the US national debt growth after the abolition of the gold standard, Lado Okhotnikov contrasts it with the principle of Bitcoin pricing. This is a deflationary instrument, the quantity of which is limited. And with each halving, the reward for miners decreases, which only pushes the price of the asset up.

The reliability of the blockchain and the flexibility of pricing give reason to consider “digital gold” as a promising savings tool. In addition, no one will freeze your bitcoins if they are stored in a cold wallet. This distinguishes the first cryptocurrency from fiat assets lying on a bank deposit. All this and much more is discussed within the framework of the presented material.

No guarantees provided

The problem for a large investor is that he or she always needs a guarantee. If a problem arises, the investor immediately goes to court and collects multi-million dollar fines. But in the case of Bitcoin, there is no one to sue: Satoshi Nakamoto does not have a legal address or customer support service.

However, according to Lado, this creates the illusion that big capital is still not interested in the cryptocurrency market. And this impression is deceptive.

Lado Okhotnikov believes that the purpose of such a performance is to make the average person believe that big capital is still hesitant to make serious investments in Bitcoin. In reality, everything is different. The expert speaks about this directly, supporting his conclusions with facts and graphics.

Metaverses – the future of the crypto industry

While the crowd is mesmerized by Gensler’s endorsement of spot Bitcoin trading, serious preparations are taking place behind the scene. Few people know that both China and a number of large Western companies are already investing billions in the metaverse industry. Lado Okhotnikov is convinced that this is the future:

Progress does not stand still. Metaverses offer unprecedented possibilities. Meta Force is ready to build a bridge between reality and the virtual world. And almost everything is ready for this.

As a director of Meta Force, Lado understands that action must be taken now. The world of virtual reality opens up opportunities only to those who do not want to think in stereotypes and are ready to challenge themselves. The original article “Bitcoin Is A New Gold Standard Or What Its Danger Is About” is devoted to these important topics.

About Meta Force

Meta Force is an ambitious project to create a full-fledged decentralized ecosystem in the metaverse. The key idea is to combine games, social networks and virtual reality applications on one Polygon-based platform. This will allow users not only to have fun, but also to interact with each other, create business communities, trade NFTs and implement joint projects.

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