Interview with Lalit Arora, Entrepreneur & Co-founder of UBON

Lalit Arora

An Exclusive interview with Lalit Arora, Co-founder of UBON, a gadget accessories and consumer electronics brand

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Lalit Arora, the visionary co-founder of UBON, a pioneering brand in the realm of gadget accessories and consumer electronics.

With a profound passion for innovation and a keen eye for market trends, Lalit has played a pivotal role in shaping UBON into a global phenomenon.

As we delve into the journey of this trailblazing entrepreneur, we will uncover the inspiration behind the brand’s inception, its remarkable growth, and the invaluable insights gained from years of driving innovation in the tech industry.

Join us as we explore the mind of a leader whose unwavering commitment to excellence has propelled UBON to the forefront of the market.

Meet Mr. Lalit Arora, the accomplished Co-founder of UBON, India’s premier gadget accessory and consumer electronics brand, catering to the needs of “Connected Consumers” and “People-on-the-go.”

With graduation from Delhi University and a strong family legacy in the business, he established UBON in 2005.

With a background in the electronic industry and armed with a commerce degree from Delhi University, Lalit’s fascination with electronics and mobile accessories led him to pursue his passion as an entrepreneur.

As the chief dreamer behind UBON, he turned his vision into reality by co-founding the brand. Deeply devoted to managing and nurturing the company,

Lalit’s unwavering commitment to its growth and development remains unmatched. With a relentless focus on delivering products that meet consumers’ requirements and demands, he ensures utmost satisfaction in every UBON offering.

Beyond his business endeavors, Lalit’s passions extend to music, wildlife, and the endless pursuit of entrepreneurship.

His enthusiasm for new technologies and dedication to launching innovative products that enrich consumers’ lives are the driving forces behind UBON’s continued success.

The brand offers a diverse range of products, including neckbands, chargers, power banks, and Bluetooth speakers.

Lalit’s vision drives UBON’s innovation and pan-India presence with over 250 distributors. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, UBON aims to shape the future of technology with cutting-edge products. Lalit’s leadership positions UBON to become India’s premier brand in the mobile accessory market.

Can you provide an overview of your role and responsibilities as the Co-founder of UBON?

Lalit Arora: As a co-founder, I assume several key responsibilities within the organization. These include providing oversight for daily operations, managing the procurement of components and materials, efficiently coordinating manpower, overseeing distribution through various channels, and ensuring the implementation of effective branding strategies.

These responsibilities are integral to our mission of delivering high-quality products and services to our customers while maintaining operational excellence and brand prominence in the market.

Kindly brief us about your company, its specialization, and the products that it offers.

Lalit Arora: UBON has established a robust pan-India presence, collaborating with over 250 distributors in approximately 3000 cities and catering to millions of consumers across the country.

Our brand successfully straddles both offline and online platforms, ensuring easy accessibility for a diverse customer base.

Driven by cutting-edge research and development, UBON offers an extensive array of mobile accessories, including Bluetooth speakers, headphones, chargers, cables, car accessories, care products, surge protectors, and more.

Presently, our product range boasts over 700 mobile accessories and models, enabling us to cater to a wide and varied consumer segment and expand our market reach.

What inspired you to start UBON and enter the gadget accessories and consumer electronics market?

Lalit Arora: UBON was born from a vision to address gaps in the electronics industry by creating a brand that focused on delivering affordable, high-quality accessories to consumers.

Our brand name, UBON, signifies “You’re Born to be Happy,” symbolizing our commitment to enhancing user experiences.

How do you ensure that UBON stays innovative and keeps up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape?

Lalit Arora: We prioritize innovation and strive to remain at the forefront of the technology landscape by investing significantly in research and development.

This empowers us to incorporate cutting-edge features and capabilities into our products, ensuring that we stay competitive in the market.

Can you describe any unique or standout products that UBON has introduced to the market?

Lalit Arora: Indeed, UBON has introduced several standout products that have garnered immense popularity, including:

  • Transparent Chargers: CH-511, CH-512
  • Neckband with Extra Detachable Battery: CL-35
  • Transparent Power Banks: PB-X201

How do you approach the design and development of gadget accessories to meet customer needs and preferences?

Lalit Arora: Our approach to design and development revolves around our customers. Through continuous feedback channels and open discussions with consumers via our distribution network, we gain valuable insights into their needs and preferences.

“Need is the mother of invention,” and our design process is intrinsically driven by fulfilling those needs.

Can you discuss any challenges you have faced in the gadget accessories and consumer electronics industry and how you have overcome them?

Lalit Arora: The gadget accessories and consumer electronics industry presents a range of challenges, including fluctuating raw material prices, intense competition, evolving customer preferences, and the prevalence of low-quality, inexpensive products.

To overcome these obstacles, UBON remains committed to maintaining exceptional product quality, continually investing in research and development, and actively listening to our customers’ feedback to adapt to changing market demands.

What steps do you take to ensure effective marketing and brand positioning for UBON?

  • Leveraging Social Media: Recognizing that a significant portion of our customer base comprises young individuals aged 16 to 40, we utilize various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads for online marketing and brand positioning.
  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborating with renowned agencies, we implement influencer marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility and awareness.
  • Events and Exhibitions: Active participation in fairs and exhibitions plays a crucial role in reaching a wider audience and promoting our brand.

How do you envision UBON’s impact on the future of technology and the lives of consumers?

Lalit Arora: At UBON, we envision making a profound and positive impact on consumers’ lives through continued innovation and the delivery of top-quality products.

Our R&D-driven approach, coupled with constant feedback from users, empowers us to provide cutting-edge, stylish, and innovative mobile accessories for users from all walks of life.

Our ultimate goal is to be the leading brand in the Indian market, driven by creativity, professionalism, and user-centric innovation.

UBON aims to complement and enrich modern lifestyles with its revolutionary gadgets, continually pushing the boundaries of mobile accessory evolution to new heights.

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