Entrepreneurial journey of Lalitha Shankar from a simple woman to becoming two times Guinness world record holder

Lalitha Shankar

Lalitha Shankar, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, a mother of three kids, and two times Guinness World Record Holder.

Here is an entrepreneurial journey from a simple woman who lives in Mumbai to becoming two times Guinness world record holder, an entrepreneur, and a homemaker.

Read inspiring success story of  Lalitha Shankar, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, a mother of three kids, and two times Guinness World Record Holder.

Her journey with hook and wool started when she was 10. She was a Math teacher in a Government School. Being great with numbers, Lalitha Shankar was equally exceptional in arts.

She inculcated an interest in crochet and knitting. She used to sit late at night with just a small light lamp and complete her crochet work.

Her parents used to scold her, but this is the only thing that lets her be herself and she too enjoy it completely. Wool has always been her only and forever companion.

While growing many people had told her to stop wasting her time on something silly and worthless. They used to mimic and say, you are not a Grandmother yet to do such things.

Only older people do Crochet & Knitting. For a very long time, Lalitha stopped this art because she was afraid people would judge her. Lalitha was unaware of the talent that she had.

When she was expecting first child, she once again took the knitting needle in her hand. That’s when Lalitha realized how much she had missed it.

Yet, she couldn’t continue as being a housewife, she was occupied with her daily chores. Only after her three kids grew up, Lalitha came back to the love of her life, her Crochet.

Lalitha used to make crochet dresses, tops, sweaters, necklaces for my children. She love seeing them in her creation. Admiring her children’s crochet dress, their friends enquire about the place they can buy it from.

It felt so nice that there are people who like wearing handmade dresses. Slowly she started making brackets, earrings, keychains, and other fashion accessories in Crochet.

More than selling these, Lalitha feel the happiness of seeing people wearing her creations. She never thought she could turn her passion into her profession, her business, her Cool Crochet.

She started Cool Crochet at the age of 50, a venture where she do what she enjoy the most. She started selling her crochet creations online via various social media platforms.

Slowly Lalitha also began to participate in exhibitions and display her collections there. Apart from Crochet and Knitting, she also has a keen interest in Embroidery, making Kundan Jewellery, Silk Thread Jewellery, and Cooking.

In 2015, She was connected with MICQ (Mother India’s Crochet Queens) and became a part to make World’s largest Crochet Blanket.

Her husband who doesn’t much like Crochet and Knitting supported and encouraged her to be a part of this World Record. Lalitha joined MICQ in May 2015 with all the enthusiasm and passion.

In Dec 2015, she lost my husband to a heart attack. This news came like such a shock to her and she completely stopped crocheting.

It was her little Daughter, Gayathri,who lifted her and boosted her morale, and made her continue her passion. Like they say, to come out of grief, you need to change your mind and do something you love to do.

This certainly is true in her case. Lalitha not only came out of her grief but also went to Chennai to receive her  Guinness World Record Holder Title.

Lalitha also received her 2nd Guinness World Record Holder Title next year for making World’s Longest Crochet Scarf along with other talented artists.

Lalitha donated Crochet Caps to an NGO through TATA Group of Companies. She has made Knitting Knocker and donated it to Breast Cancer patients through Saaisha India. Also, during this Covid-19 global pandemic crisis, Lalitha made Crochet Mask for all my near and dear ones.

She feel the art of crochet is somewhere vanishing in India. Lalitha see a lot of young boys and girls in foreign land indulging in this beautiful art of crocheting.

And on the other hand, she see children here in India see this art as a Grandma’s time pass work. So, as a crochet artist, Lalitha wish to spread this art form to every Indian household.

She started taking online classes with very minimal fees to make people aware of this amazing art called, Crochet.

Lalitha was overwhelmed with the response she received for the online class. She is proud of all her students who have successfully completed both her Beginner and Advanced Crochet Classes.

She feel so blessed and thankful to God to have given her this opportunity to pursue her passion and come this far in life. She started believing in myself and now she know what she do is an Art and God was kind on me to bless her with this talent.

Lalitha would like to say to everyone out there, no matter where your life takes you, don’t forget to listen to your heart. Because it will always guide you to the right path.

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