Lamborghini Aims to Cross the Century Mark in India Sales this Year


Lamborghini Aims To Cross The Century Mark In India Sales This Year

After making its global entry in the first quarter of 2023, the company is also bringing its first hybrid car to India this year.

Italian automaker Automobili Lamborghini is eyeing to cross the century mark in sales in the Indian market this year based on the record it showed in 2022, according to the company’s country head Sharad Agarwal.

Company, incorporated in India for Rs. Selling a range of super luxury cars with prices starting from Rs 3.8 crore, it is also bringing its first hybrid car to the country this year after making its global debut in the first quarter of 2023.

Lamborghini had sold 92 units in India in 2022, which increased by 33 percent compared to the previous year.

Its previous best sales in the country was in 2021 with 69 units. Prior to that, its best sales were in 2019 when it sold a total of 52 units.

“Yes, that would be our direction. This question has been arising for some time now. We are looking forward to see how we get to three digits and score a century, maybe in 2023. We hope that we are taking that direction,” Agarwale told PTI.

He was answering a question on why the company is confident of crossing the milestone of selling 100 units in 2023 after losing 8 units last year.

“We are not seeing any change or any slowdown pattern in our business in the country. In fact, we are starting the year with a very strong order book and all our models have an average waiting time of 18 months in the country,” said Agarwal.

“So it clearly shows that the production allocation for this year has already been sold in the country. So we remain very positive about our growth,” he added.

In terms of new products, he said that this year Lamborghini will introduce its first hybrid car globally and efforts will be made to bring the vehicle to India at the earliest.

“We will start our journey in the next phase of our company where we will hybridize our entire model range from this year itself. And then in 2024, we’ll have the hybrid Urus as well as the new hybrid V10, which is going to be a successor to the all-new Huracan,” Agarwale added.

He said that in 2022, India will emerge as one of the fastest growing markets for Lamborghini in the Asia Pacific and globally.

Globally, the company projects its best ever sales in 2022 with 9,233 car deliveries worldwide, a 10 percent increase over the previous year, while the Asia region registered a 14 percent increase.

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