Launch of new systems and acquisition to expand packaging design services worldwide

Packaging in the Foods and Beverages Industry

Launch of new systems and acquisition to expand packaging design services worldwide

It has been found that nearly 70% of purchasing decisions are made based on packaging in the stores. This highlights the importance of packaging design services for any product that launches in the market.

Packaging does not only keep the product safe but also sends the brand message. So, it is important to focus on the packaging designs as it represents the image of the brand and impacts how potential customers perceive the brand.

The trend of utilizing eco-friendly packaging material is increasing and market players are upgrading their packaging systems as well.

Moreover, new systems are launched in the market. These systems ensure innovative designs and sustainability.

The trend of acquisition is also arrived in the market as market players look forward to expand operations and develop new products to broaden reach across the world.

The trend of new products and acquisition will drive the market in the coming years. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global packaging design services market is estimated to reach $31.9 billion by 2030. Following are some of the activities taking place across the world.

Market players have been launching new brands to provide packaging design services. Sealed Air launched its digital packaging system with the launch of prismiq.

The packaging design services will offer custom graphics, develop new concepts, and carry out performance testing.

With more than 200 design specialists at disposal, the company will offer different packaging design services for its clients to enable connection with their customers.

The company highlighted that it invested nearly $100 million in carrying out the digital transformation, including the launch of its latest prismiq 5540.

Ted Doheny, the President and CEO of Sealed Air, outlined that its newly launched system will offer value for customers through touchless automation along with providing sustainability.

This system will present the future of digital packaging and design services for the industry. Moreover, digital printing capabilities will be embedded within manufacturing operations of the company and its clientele as well. This system is designed to provide a one-stop and an integrated approach for making brilliant packaging designs.

Along with launching of new systems, market players are adopting the strategy of acquisition. Carlyle, the global investment firm, acquired HCP packaging. HCP is one of the leading companies in design and development of cosmetic packaging.

It won a lot of awards for innovative packaging designs and is instrumental in developing sustainable packaging solutions.

Carlyle will support the company in developing innovative packaging designs along with scaling its operations across the globe.

This acquisition is estimated to raise the R&D capabilities of HCP and form alliances with companies operating in the sectors such as cosmetics, consumer goods, and manufacturing.

The company will advance toward the next phase of expansion and the global growth. HCP will expand into new markets and broaden its reach with new packaging design services offered to companies across different verticals. The trend of acquisition will continue in the next few years to take the company to the next stage.  

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