Learn to take initiative at your workplace to build positive first impression: Vrinda Bansal

Vrinda Bansal

An image consultant and soft skills trainer Vrinda Bansal shares tips for professionals

By Disha Roy Choudhury: An alumna of Apeejay School of Management (ASM), Vrinda Bansal is a certified image consultant and soft skills trainer who started her entrepreneurial venture in 2020.

She chose the career after identifying a glaring gap in people’s basic business etiquette and body image issues.

Based out of Bengaluru, Vrinda aims to elevate people’s lives holistically and help them become their best versions.

Edited excerpts from an interview:

Why did you choose ASM and what kind of experience did you have there?

Vrinda Bansal: Soon after completing BCom Honours, I decided to pursue a degree in management. I cleared the Management Aptitude Test (MAT) and picked ASM owing to its reputation as a top PGDM college in Delhi.

When I entered ASM, I started my journey with an open mind, I was excited about the upcoming experiences.

And I ended up having a great time — I learnt a lot, which promoted self-discovery and a personal growth expedition.

The curriculum, including a number of activities, events, and competitions, motivated us to push ourselves to achieve success.

The professors, who have varied industrial experience, were highly skilled and helpful. I am highly indebted to them.

Did you get corporate experience before starting your own venture?

Vrinda Bansal: I got my first job via ASM’s campus placements at an HR startup. A few months later, I moved to a leading packers and movers company where I worked as customer care manager for four years.

Meanwhile, I completed my diploma in Image Consulting and Soft Skills Training from Image Consulting Business Institute, Delhi.

In 2020, I decided to make a career shift and launched my company Vrinda Image Consulting and I have been working as a trainer since. At present, I am also a full-time employee at an IT service company as a soft skills consultant.

What inspired you to make a career in soft skills training and image consulting?

Vrinda Bansal: It all started in my early 20s when I noticed how many people are unaware of basic etiquette and unable to communicate their thoughts clearly and in the right manner.

I identified the gap and wanted to do something about it. Today, more and more people are realising the importance of soft skills training.

My company is divided into two segments: soft skills training and image consultation. The latter majorly involves appearance management, personal style, inner positive image, and confidence building. We work to elevate people’s lives holistically.

Can you tell us more about image building?

Vrinda Bansal: Image is all about being the real ‘you’. Each one of us is different, unique, and special and this must reflect in our outer image as well.

And most of us fail to understand this. People struggle with low self-confidence and are stuck in that loop of “I am not good enough” which affects their professional and personal life.

Moreover, instead of aping fashion trends, one must learn to build personal style, and dress as per their body shape, roles, and goals in life.

Can you share some tips for young professionals?

  • People are hesitant to give or receive compliments. It helps build genuine connections.
  • Women professionals commonly make the mistake of wearing nude-coloured leggings with kurti, which is a big clothing faux pas because from afar it seems like one is missing a bottomwear.
  • Body odour or bad breath is also a big image breaker. Professionals must take care of how they smell to avoid making colleagues feel uncomfortable.
  • With respect to professional communication, one must work on their tone, which is perhaps more important than language.
  • Professionals should be mindful of their body language including eye contact, sitting posture and so on. Learn the basics of business etiquette.
  • Practise spoken English to build confidence and fluency.
  • A lot of professionals, especially the young ones, struggle with self-esteem, which defines how far we can go in life.
  • Even your communication is directly connected to your confidence level. Start building your confidence and ask for help to figure out how to do that.
  • Learn to take the initiative at your workplace. Your eagerness to work will help you make an impression.
  • Use soft skills and people skills to your advantage to form a positive first impression. Be proactive instead of waiting for your boss to give you solutions.

How do you get clients?

Vrinda Bansal: Some contacted me directly on social media for one-on-one consultation. I have also done some freelance work.

I have trained over 200 people from different walks of life, from working women to homemakers, freshers, and executives. I am working on expanding my brand further.

Advice for students.

Vrinda Bansal: Believe that world is your oyster and say YES to life! Join every activity and participate in events, volunteer, and play around.

Explore your skills and attributes and hone your communication skills that will go a long way in shaping your life. 

Source: https://apeejay.news

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